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Desktop on Fire! is a community site with news, articles and interviews all around Haiku.
This thread is supposed to inform about the especially interesting new content and point people new to Haiku to ‘DoF’.

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Today, we interview Gregor Rosenauer, the developer behind Lab Sen, as we delve into his insights on Labs Sen a project striving to establish a semantic infrastructure seamlessly integrated into the Haiku operating system.


Sounds a lot like what the Étoilé project was trying to accomplish many years ago.

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Much of this went over my head :grinning:, but towards the end I find myself agreeing with what he says. We need people to look at Haiku-native solutions rather than just porting everything in sight.


I read the interview, linked from twitter, and I found it very well written. The project very interesting and fully consistent with Haiku’s heritage and strength.


@waddlesplash discusses Haiku’s transition from niche to daily driver OS, emphasizing the importance of addressing data corruption bugs. Developer highlights the challenges of maintaining momentum and attracting new contributors.


I’ve never heard of this website before


Me neither but Haiku needs it. I’m hoping DaaT fires up once again.

@Andrea, I’ll reiterate @humdinger’s concern (and I’m sure I’m “channeling” @Begasus here :-D)…

Please change “Haiku O.S” to just “Haiku”.

We already see too many new users using the wrong name. Using the wrong name on a site dedicated to Haiku… won’t do any good on that regard.

Besides this point… thanks a lot for working on DoF!

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Or maybe just use “Haiku” OS? :wink:


Hi @zuzulo Zuzulo, the project was born during the holidays, the first post is from December 30th :slight_smile: We are in the testing phase so there will be some adjustments and new features in the coming weeks. :rocket:


We hope so too, the more sites there are that talk about Haiku, the more the community can increase. I won’t hide from you that we took inspiration from Daat’s fantastic work when we thought about this project. We believe he did a great job at the time. :smiley:


@BiPolar I agree that the official and correct name is Haiku without anything else. But I have to help the various search engines find us :smiley: I promise that I will try to use Haiku as little as possible in the reviews, but I will admit that I will use it from time to time :upside_down_face: damn SEO :sweat_smile:


WordPress plugins let you use seo descriptions and tags that might be different from the content itself but I do agree that this a problem and we should be less restrictive on the use of OS along with the Haiku name.
The official website is after all and search engines (mainly Google but not only) will not show the relevant contents when prompted with just “Haiku” because the results will be diluted at best with more common contents about Haiku as a form of poetry.
Some people might be smart enough to attach OS or operating system to the search term but that’s not necessarily true. Sites like DoF need to be found also from people outside of the Haiku community. And hey, “this is marketing!” after all…


DesktopOnFire bookmarked :+1:


You can say “the Haiku O.S.” instead of just “Haiku O.S.” then? Like it was done for the BeOS (which initially didn’t really have a name, it was “the operating system” internally, then “the Be Operaring System” and then it got shortened to “the BeOS”).


What is this thing on your website?
Screenshot from 2024-01-20 11-55-49

The site resides on an Italian server, I am obliged to put it. In the next few weeks, it will be simplified by removing the marketing part because I do not have any type of advertising inside the site.

Great site, good work thanks Andrea!

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