Name that Firefox port

Although it is too early to suggest names. I couldn’t help myself:


Name and icon already exists: Bezilla.


Fennec is the code name for Firefox for mobile devices, they called Android build, Maemo(!) build, and Windows Mobile build Fennec as far as I know.

They replaced Firefox for Android to new version codenamed fenix you know.

We can use (and it is default) Minefield branding as an unofficial development build.


“Bezilla” no more. It should be new:



Or even Haikuzilla/Haikozilla

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I have to express support for calling it Bezilla personally, as a nod to Be and the previous port. Makes me nostalgic for Seamonkey and the entire Mozilla suite as a whole.


I don’t mind if we keep the name, but that icon is awful (no offence meant), it had always bothered me, unfortunately i can’t provide a better one, i’m not good at designing icons.

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Some proposed alternate brandings (besides Bezilla or Fennec):

  • Waltzilla
  • Clawzilla
  • Redpanda (Firefox is another name for red panda)
  • Bearcat (as in red bear-cat)
  • Kitsune (nine-tailed fox in Japanese mythology mentioned often in haikus)
  • Basan (a fire-breathing bird in Japanese mythology)
  • Haiga/Haigazilla
  • Redfox (commonly depicted fox species and what Mozilla often uses as a reference)
  • Corsac

If it’s not going to be BeZilla, I like Bearcat (still got Be in it) and Redfox.

The phrase “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” springs to mind :grinning:



I have a soft spot for red pandas.

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Firefox is another name for… well, red panda

Bezilla is good because people already knows the name and associate it with Firefox.

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:loudspeaker: Why!!!

It’s Firefox, so just call it that!


Because it requires prior written permission from Mozilla: Distribution Policy for Mozilla Software

[…] if you make any changes to Firefox or other Mozilla software, you may not redistribute that product using any Mozilla trademark without Mozilla’s prior written consent and, typically, a distribution agreement with Mozilla. For example, you may not distribute a modified form of Firefox and continue to call it Firefox.

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Because Mozilla doesnt allows it. Now if you are interested, check Mozilla’s trademakrk policy regarding this topic for more info.

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I would really like it if there were no Be or Hai prefixes. Something original would be preferable.

What about Corsac?

LizardCore could be a codename for Gecko until official branding is approved.

Well this is Haiku and no BeOS anymore …

But I can offer a name that cover a … khm, a s p e c i a l (f i r e) f o x

Vatasi va …

… Kurama !

He is the so called Kyubi (Nine Tails)

This way its name contains
HaiKu - in Kyu
Be - in bi

But of course Kurama - as he names himself - is also a good name for this rebranded Firefox.
Its logo/icon can be this such cute young version above.

Ok I know, it must be investigated and/or possibly asked for permission if it turns out it is copyrighted.
Kyubi I think it’s a regular japanese word - some might confirm it.
I am not certain Kurama is a generally used name or a new word like Naruto or Boruto.