Mount NFS under Haiku

I have a Linux host, NFS has been configured as

/root *(rw,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure)

Local self-mount works, also it works under a VirtualBox guest Solaris.
However in - also VBox guest - Haiku, when i give the command:

mount_nfs /mnt/nfs 100 1000

i get:

mount failed (General system error)

in the console and

KERN: nfs: mount(9, <NULL>, 00000000)
KERN: nfs: nfs_params: nfs:,uid=100,gid=1000,hostname=shredder
KERN: nfs:ip!
KERN: nfs:hn!
KERN: nfs:uid!
KERN: nfs:gid!
KERN: nfs: ip:c0a80a64 server:'' export:'/root' hostname:'shredder' uid=100 gid=1000 
KERN: nfs: mountd at 640aa8c0:41059
KERN: nfs: nfsd at 640aa8c0:2049
KERN: nfs: RPC_PROG_MISMATCH (3,4)nfs: error in nfs_mount: General system error

in /var/log/syslog. It’s Haiku Beta 2.

Please put bug reports on the bug tracker under

Okay, but is it a bug? I don’t want to fill your tracker with bogus entries. Maybe i just configured something erroneously or something.

even if you misconfigure something, generall system error is too unspecific to figure out (as a user) what went wrong, so this can likely be improved anyhow.

If it is a user error the ticket can just be closed, which is fine too, but bug reports on the forum usually tend to get lost.

I don’t usually use the mount_nfs command. Maybe you should try NFS4 with the regular mount command, like mount -t nfs4 server:/share /mntpnt

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I always get a “no such file or directory” message when I try mount. And I never know what it’s talking about because the directories (remote and local) do, in fact, exist.

I never got NFS mount to work, no matter if v3, v4 and whatever server. NFS just doesn’t work under Haiku. Gave up on it.

I tried to

mount -t nfs4 /mnt/nfs

and all i got is

mount: No such file or directory

Exactly as it happened to MrEntropy. I tried to use -t nfs3 too.

I’ve created a ticket.

mount_nfs is for nfs v2. mount -t nfs4 is what you want, however it has a few bugs still.
Also checkł_dziepak/2013-03-15_nfsv4_client_finally_merged/


So, the correct method was to use the -p flag.

mount -t nfs4 -p /mnt/nfs

That worked and the NFS device has been mounted. This is why i did not wanted to create a bug ticket.

However, it is really buggy. It can create and delete files, but i delete a file from the other side and then try to echo into it, then it crashes the entire system:


Check if it has been already reported!closed&component=File+Systems%2FNFS4

Does not seem so. I’ve changed the bugreport, except for the title. By the way, thank you for the manual page, that helped.

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