Lunduke's Haiku week

Some of you will be familiar with log time Linux and retro computing journalist and broadcaster Bryan Lunduke, who is having a Haiku Week starting November 9th where he is attempting to get his audience to try Haiku and enjoy it as much as he does. I don’t expect to hear any objections.


I’m curious what is tested and what helpful is mentioned. The main thing is that it is interesting and makes haiku more popular.

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Haiku week doesn’t start for another couple of days yet but he’s still giving Haiku plenty of airtime


any attention is good attention? : (

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Not every one, of course, since negative posts can also quickly lead to a bad reputation. But criticism that is appropriate is fine with me.

Pure hymns of praise are also not nice, as they often come from an enthusiast’s point of view and do not reflect what a haiku practitioner is experiencing.

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Would’ve been better timed for after the Beta4 release. Currently, the software/repo side of things is a bit in a breakage turmoil. Doesn’t reflect the usually calm waters we have after a release…


The headline is haiku beta 4, so no test report can be created beforehand anyway.

Paging @Lunduke :).

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I should’ve mentioned that to see/hear/read/run all of Lunduke’s latest content you have to subscribe at:

He sometimes uploads his videos to YT etc a week or two later after they appear on locals but I’m not sure he does that for every video so I don’t know how many of the Haiku week vids will make it onto YT.

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It is a job to do, for the Haiku promotion team!

Someone has to do some preparations for press release or just inform the user about a coming Haiku Beta 4 release.

I expect there will be a press release - as there was for every release. It will be sent out when beta4 is released. I don’t think sending out press pre-releases is useful. No doubt @waddlesplash will mention the recent beta4 branching in his next, slightly overdue, monthly report. :slight_smile:

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Are we in need of a strategic marketing and promotion team?

At least we should inform our own nightly Haiku user to avoid unnecessary updates and Bug-Reports!

Communication is important to avoid frustration!

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I can write things, so maybe I could get involved in that way? I am no coder, not even remotely. More of a tech/OS enthusiast, looking for a perfect home for a daily driver. Yes, I know this is still beta, and I know what that entails, but I also realize that we’ll get there eventually, and it’s going to be even more awesome than it already is.


The besly knowledge base is happy about every contribution. You can also write test reports.

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I will take a look and see what time I have to contribute.

Ok. I’m here. :slight_smile:


Most of the activity for the themed weeks (like the Haiku Week) happen on the Locals community site. I post some articles and whatnot around it on Substack… then post a big round-up article at the end linking to a small mountain of the posts from Locals – which range from troubleshooting to app suggestions… and lots of screenshots and the like.

And… yes… I only post a small amount to YouTube. Most everything is on Substack and Locals. That’s where 95%+ of the audience and content is at these days for me.


Hi Bryan, great to have you. In case you’ve missed some of the Haiku news since Beta3, a brief racap of whats interesting:

-X512 got Haiku on RiscV running. He’s also got multiscreen running, and a HW accelerated Vulkan driver. And a Wayland API wrapper
-3dEyes has GIMP, Epiphany and many other Linux ports running
-Waddlesplash has OpenBSD wifi cards running, as well as fixing/improving countless kernel systems (nvme, pci, usb3 etc), and HiDPI scaling fixes.
-other Haiku devs (too many to mention by name) have made tons of usability of life improvements
-lots of modern desktops and laptops can run Haiku really well. I have 2021 components, everything (including Wifi) runs well. Use rEFId as boot manager.

Haiku native apps are slowly improving. Web+ is evolving, we have a 4k native video editor (package fits on floppy disk, that will nerd you out).

Package manager is a thing of beauty. Rewinds, instant installs/uninstalls. Please add the LOTE repository to vanilla Haiku to improve your experience. Gimp, inkscape, blender, libreoffice (note needs restart after first launch), QtCreater, Abiword, K*, most things are there.

As you can see in the forums, there is a pre Beta4 update happening this week of all the packages, and until this process settles down you can encounter a broken nightly. Should settle in a couple of days as the porters identify the breakage.

And finally, the nightlies are compiled with debug on, the official Beta4 will run faster since its compiled for release mode.

We hope you enjoy your visit. I cannot shake this out of my system since R4.5 back in September 1999.


Writing about your first experience with Haiku,
first steps, first problems, first surprise would be a good read.
Developer could learn what to do better to get a
new user interested in Haiku.