Lock Screen

I was thinking if we have any software in haiku to act as Screen Lock.
Just to prevent others to access your machine.
As I can gather, haiku doesn’t have multiuser approach. alsp sudo and su; (the su command is there but I don’t know the usage).

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hello and thak you @kim1963;
first, what is the package name?
second, I didn’t set any password and user for that matter when I installed haiku.
What did I do wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Move Lock_Workstation.zip to /boot/home/config/non-packaged/apps , unzip


Well, this one (in the zip file) is an old version which I improved long time ago: I looked at its structure and will no longer properly works on Haiku PM (eg, in the version which you posted, the “addtoboot” script will do nothing). I will post soon a modern HPKG of such application :wink:

Just for the curiosity: where did you find this ancient version of Lock Workstation? The last time I uploaded was on Haikuware a very long time ago :slight_smile:

For a long time on an old hard disk

For some not known reason screensaver lock with password do not work.
…seems, actualy work, only settings time for it is in adition for time to start screensaver.
Minimum time to lock screen 30 s, its to big, to instantly lock screen by starting screensaver with mouse cursor. This can be fixed, and no need for additional softaware for locking screen.
And now it is another bad thing, that you can not set shorter time to lock sreen on screensaver than time to start screensaver, and timing to lock screen adding to time of start screensaver.

…I think, screensavers lock screen can have option “lock screen at system boot” (or something), in that way it will be possible lock boot Haiku system with password.

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Well, wait that I will publish a newer version as HPKG: will works much better :slight_smile:



I made a different and modern login mask :slight_smile:
(the images on the forum are badly resized and looks bad)

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really Nice. thanks @michel;
@Giova84: did you change the image? or did you made a new package. (if yes) could you share it?
It just got intersting !

Just to share an idea:
We need to add a functionlity to haiku. a way to set an script (bash; perl or python) to be executed after compelete boot.
with this functionality we could have a good way to auto-start some apps amoung them a real login-manager. (which would cancel the need to set a BOIS or grub pass).
but right now, things being as it is I really like the workstation lock specialy what @Giova84 pasted.

Well there’s always ‘/boot/home/config/settings/boot’, where you can add to ‘UserBootscript’ or put other things in the ‘Launch’ subfolder…

The download link of the hpkg file, is on the bottom: please read the whole message
Please notice that, since is an old BeOS app, that will only run on gcc2_hybrid.

Well, I improved this app some years ago: Login system for Haiku
it was an app for BeOS (I’m really sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the original developer :frowning:

Then, by myself, I made some improvements:
the first one, as I’ve said, is the modern login mask.

The second improvement, thanks to the package manager system (and to the launch_daemon), is to have Lock Workstation loaded before of Tracker and Deskbar, to ensure that after the Boot, nothing else is displayed on screen, for privacy reason: in this hpkg, I added an “utility” script (named addtoboot present in Deskbar Leaf > Preferences > LockWorkstation > addtoboot ) which will insert Lock Workstation to the /boot/system/data/user_launch/user file and so at startup.

The third improvement thanks to another user/developer (@hey68you), is to have the login screen adapted to your screen resolution.

So, here the download link:
Lock Workstation for Haiku PM - 2017
This package is called “lockworkstation2017” to avoid conflicts with any other previous revision: if any other old revision is installed on your system, the package manager will alert you about.
So is recommended to remove any “lockworkstation” package from “/boot/system/packages” folder.
After that, when you will install this hpkg, please read carefully the readme on Desktop: I also implemented a way to skip the login screen in case of emergency.

I wonder why there is still no Lock Workstation at https://github.com/HaikuArchives
Once pushed we could make it part of HaikuPorts repo.

IIRC, such BeOS app was released under the MIT license (but I could be wrong); however the source code is available (in facts is at least open source). Well: the source code is available in such HPKG. If you think that is ok, feel free to put the source code on HaikuPorts.

I updated the app with some improvements (eg: if the config file is missing, LockWorktation will not fallback to the default, old and ugly login screen, but will use the current one, modern - and I hope - nice :slight_smile: - which I made).
For those which already installed the old version: by installing this new version, thanks to Haiku’s package management, the operation is easy and “painless” :slight_smile:
You will just have to set/choose again your username and password.

I suggested such a feature some years ago with this ticket: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/8940 and there was some chatter there talking about various options.

This looks awesome - any chance of an x86_64 version? :slight_smile: