Login system for Haiku

since i started to use Haiku i was feeling a lack of a system to protect Haiku with a login screen.
When i was using BeOS, there was a nice app called LockWorkstation, but unfortunately doesn’t work anymore on Haiku. But now i have recompiled and improved this app (new graphic, support to high monitor resolution and a system to keep track of every access)

Maybe someone else can find useful this app:


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I like the idea of being able to lock the workstation! If someone needed to take a bathroom break and did not want people snooping around their files, this would be a great way to stop them! I am going to install it and do some personal testing. Thank you!

You can also add it to startup :slight_smile:

Wow, I am impressed! I did not realize that it would require you to login at every boot! This is awesome! I do have one problem. The first time I attempted to login, I could not use the mouse to select the password field. I had to use the tab key to shift to it. Could this be fixed, or is this a problem with my setup?


Mouse click is disabled inside text fields: you can only use TAB on your keyboard. I will add this to readme :slight_smile: