Java & Python IDE packages

For people who don’t follow haikuports closely, here are two new packages: NetBeans IDE 8.2 and Intellij IDEA Community Edition 2018.3.

And good news: they both also run with the OpenJDK8 x86_64 port (still not in the depot, only haikuports recipe).

Thanks to @return_0e, a package for PyCharm Community 2018.3 is also available:



I tried to build openjdk8 with haikuporter and got a checksum error on one of the downloaded packages:

Validating checksum of jtreg-4.2-b13.tar.gz
Error: Expected SHA-256: 441a6ef616aa372047aea2d155b46d187c447fe21afd7be0334d5a944948ed00
Error: Found SHA-256: af3b991845de306ffd271dede75294eb45164c8a6a86730142d53179bbf6d3c7

I deleted the download directory and tried again but got the same error.

wow nice to have I hope (I am not a developer) does it work without problems right now? Or is it still too early to use for production?
What about the quality?

Very nice to have some promotion in this field (software) since it is sometimes not obvious
what great software is available in HaikuDepot!

@BlueSky the package should be in HaikuDepot now.

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Ahh great. Thanks a lot.

Here, enjoying the screenshots a lot. Loving using pycharm where available, seems like a great addition.

Such good news! Will Pycharm be made available also on 64bit?

I forgot it, should be now available on x86_64 as well. As a side note, the hpkg doesn’t have a dependency on python or python3, do you think it should? Could you check what can be improved and report at HaikuPorts?


Even if it is “mandatory” to have one python interpreter on the system to code with PyCharm, you can manage your custom interpreter configuration application wide and/or per project within the IDE itself.

I mean you could add python2/3 as a dependency (i think every nightly / beta iso has python preinstalled, hasn’t it?) but “wont” be mandatory.


I have just installed the 64 bit and I got this window:

Anything I should do before opening an issue on GitHub?

You might need to install the DejaVu font package.

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Wow; that’s really great!

Yeah, it solved the issue. Maybe that font should be made a required package, then.

I will certainly use it, if it’s stable enough. It’s a great addition to the Haiku world. Thanks!


I would second that on making Deja font a depend. Or making so it defaults to noto instead of deja might be preferable and native.

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And even the good old Imperium Galactica works!

You can grab the installer from Github. The Installer will download the gamedata, it is free.


could not get pycharm to work on Haiku Beta1 64Bit on my Laptop core2 maybe to slow? did I miss something?

It is working on my PC though… why?

Very good to have…

I’m not an active Haiku user at the time of writing, but it’s lovely to see some of the most powerful IDEs on Haiku :slight_smile: Hope I can test them in an upcoming vacation.

JDK8 and upper needs to reserve some memory, even if it’s not used in the end. Please check that the swap is big enough.

/ beta iso has python preinstalled, hasn’t it?) but “wont” be mandatory.text/plain

where and how is the Python interpreter choosen in pycharm?

Only have done it in my windows 10 version, to select a custom python 2.7.

Just looking for ‘interpreter’ in preferences of the
App or the project should give you the option to select your python path.

The ide looks afterwards for the packages to provide the ‘intellisense’ options.

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