How to terminate a freezing program on haiku?

I don’t know how to since Activity Monitor doesn’t show processes and offers options to end/kill them like Windows’ Task Manager. So the only way I could end a freezing program is a reboot with shutdown -r.

BTW, I also want to ask if there is a graphical way to reboot/shutdown haiku without having to go to the terminal and type shutdown?

Team monitor: Strg + alt + delete

Shutdown: Open the menu panel right upper corner and reboot

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Hi, open the terminal and type in top.
Looking for the process.
Press alt+c.
Type kill -9 and the process number. Then the process will be delete.
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Here are some tours to learn about haiku:

My first steps tour and infos:

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You can terminate process by ProcessController icon in Deskbar. Click on it, select “Threads & CPU usage” > <process you want to terminate> and confirm termination.


As others mentioned already, ProcessController is about the easiest way to kill an app. One even quicker is the Vulcan Death Grip (<-- see the info block there).:vulcan_salute:


Slayer works quite well too and it was quite handy. Unfortunately, we lost the deskbar icon with the layout upgrade.


I’m curious, what’t the point of the deskbar icon? It was not showing anything there, so it was wasting memory for no reason? I think the long term plan would be to merge slayer, pulse, team monitor and process controller all in one app or something like that…


Sometimes this approach does not stop the frozen application. I can this action sends SIGSTOP (kill -15) to the process, but not SIGKILL (kill -9).

It seens SIGKILL, but sometimes applications are blocked in a syscall and won’t react even to that. Usually because of kernel or driver bugs.

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Hou to kill, terminate a frozen Program?

I think it is one of the first things a new Haiku User should been thought!
Because it will, unfortunately, happen alot while using Haiku!

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It is part of the user guide, people should read it first :wink:

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aha, there is no point like:
troubleshooting there!
…so which part of the user guide is it?

…better to add topic: Troubleshooting or FAQs

Yes the user guide is not perfect. But a section there to get help are included: Reporting bugs

Haiku should add a info panel in the menu like Linux have.


I create as example this little one with a Tour about haiku specific things.

A one-liner would do:

"Getting help!"

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I’m I understanding correctly that there’s no killall for Haiku or it’s shipped in some package?

The killcommand can kill things by name, similar to killall. So, a separate command is not needed, and thus, not available.

I wasn’t aware kill could be used with process names [1] as @PulkoMandy mentions, so I had this on my bash’s profile/bashrc:

function killall() {
	pidof $1 | while read in; do kill -9 "$in"; done

[1]: man kill only mentions PID, and kill --help talks of PID or JOBSPEC, but I didn’t knew what the latter was. Oh well… at least that prompted me to write /bin/pidof :smiley:


We have patched kill to do this (as it was in BeOS), but we didn’t update the documentation. So it’s a bit of a hidden feature.