HiQDock ... New Dock coming soon


Thanks for the error message, i will take a look at the evening.


Thre is a ticket in Trac for that already. It is a recent regression.


Great work so far. I was able to download it from Haiku Depot and get it running on x86_gcc2 without any issues. Still some graphical glitches here and there but overall the look is very slick. Thank you to all that made this happen! Been waiting a long time for this one.


It seems, your repo is not source of problems. I just added other repos and I had same crashes by just selecting.


I know this problem. I have the same here on my system. You need to wait till all packages are loaded (he refresh in the middle).


@hey68you, I’m available for testing on R1B1, baremetal.


Would also like to try this dock. Couldn’t add repository, got a bad data response. Waiting patiently.


Hey @lelldorin if you need help getting this up and running on x86_64 let me know. I couldn’t find the recipe for some reason… If you let me know where I can get the sources and recipe, then I’ll take a look this weekend.


We does mit the developer, watch out for hey68you in the forum now


Afaik it is closed source freeware. Better to say hey68you had problems updating it to qt5 in the las 4-5 years, but never published any code to get help, so i assume it is closed source.


Yes for now HiQDock it’s still closed source - I will have to try to recompile on a x86_64…


Sooooo… Anyone up for creating this from scratch as an open source project? :wink:


I plan to open it in the near future ---- I was hoping that Haiku would first add window transparency (but doesn’t look that’s on anyone’s radar as of now) first which would then require a really big change in my dock code.


Try the LaunchBar it have nice “hidden” features, and it is opensource, and included in Haiku.


You mean “LaunchBox”? That’s quite a different kind of app, innit?


Thats what i mean :slight_smile:


If you open it now people can lend you a hand :wink:


Thanks to help from Stefano on the haiku-development freelist, my HiQDock is now compiling and running on x86_64… HOWEVER, the fake transparent background (i.e. screen shot ) is not working yet. I’m investigating now…


Thank the Good Lord Above - COMPILING and WORKING fine now on x86_64 beta1 !!!

Who wants to take my binary and do the packaging stuff :slight_smile: ?


Send it to me :slight_smile: