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Recently tested with Web+ (Webkit 612.1.29) for review:



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A little bit too few content. He insists a little too much in that Haiku should be used only on very old computers.

Also, I didn´t pay attention to the version he installed, but from the texts and menus seem to have some errors in the translation. Portuguese-Brazilian has some words and expressions that are not written the same as Portuguese-Portugal.

This is a new video about Haiku from a youtuber specializing in FreeBSD (for some reason embedding from YouTube didn’t work properly, but the Odysee version works just fine).
He tried Haiku for the first time, using beta4 (he didn’t experiment with nightlys). As he is not a programmer, his review is focusing on the usual topic: applications available. Of course he tried to play a YouTube video in Haiku, but he didn’t know there are browsers that can do this.

Not exactly a thorough review, several things I would expect to be noticed are missing. However his verdict is very positive, and praises the snappiness of Haiku several times.



This is a great review. Comprehensive, balanced and fair. It also contains a lot of hints as to what Haiku could do to better cater to new users.

Great video overall. And of course I especially love how he clicks on the leaf menu in the first seconds. :wink: And reads the user guide too.
I’m a bit surprised though that he’s wondering twice in the video (at least) if Haiku is still in active development. He does look around on the web site quite a bit in the beginning and the source activity is shown right there. What could we possibly do better here? He could have looked around a bit more and found the nightlies page, but I guess we don´t want to advertise this to new users more prominently.

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