Haiku os test in my mini-pc

That is known use case! I myself posted some pictures about 2 monitor working in the past!
But it is of limited use to have just 2 monitors with same content!

Generally, yes, they are the same. By default you should have the Haiku and HaikuDepot repositories. If you want FatElk and BeSly, you have to add them yourself. If it helps, think of HaikuDepot as a graphical front-end to pkgman.

But there are also .hpkg files outside of these repositories, that you download from people’s websites (I have a few on Sourceforge myself). You can install those by double-clicking on the file, which will load it in HaikuDepot, or you can use pkgman install filename.hpkg. Either way will work.

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haiku still can not get sound from HDMI.

even a switch line from hdmi.:rofl:

Tried Phones?

today, i test application bescreencapture to record a vedio with bfs system.
at last, it have no sound when i play the vedio.
i try to play the vedio with debian12.5.
it said the file broken.

sorts of data writing problem?
haiku hrev 57709

Possibly codec diferences. Try with different formats ( mpg, avi, etc ) .

still no sound.
the file be recognized with Android.

i try qemu.
it is good.

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BeScreenCapture only captures the screen. No audio is recorded.

qemu get Q4OS working, but helloSystem failed.

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i notice there is application to record audio with haiku.
so, is there any way to join them working together?
or, get a audio file and a movie file .
take them into one with some other application?

You could try Medo.