Haiku os test in my mini-pc

And ( couldn´t locate it in the previous posts ) what is exactly the monitor, along with its size ?

7inch is right.
it is the real size.

the same monitor.

windows3.11 can live in Haiku with dosbox-x.
but, windows95 is failed.
it goes to 100%, then windows95 installer said error.
(even fat32)


good news.
it is ok when i switch into a 32inch tv screen.
even UEFI+hdmi.
it sounds Haiku can not get the right information of the 7.2inch screen.

when i connect HDMI with the 32inch tv screen and VGA with the 7.2inch screen at the same time, Haiku just display at the 32inch tv screen.
the 7inch screen has touch function, and it be used with Haiku in this situation. just no display.

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If you want to run Windows 95 under Haiku try qemu. Will most likely be pretty slow because it´s not accelerated but should work.

I try qemu before.
but it doesn’t work.
whatever, just for testing the function.

and, a question.

do Haiku can play music with HDMI line?
because the same mini-pc and the same 32inch tv screen, it have sound by HDMI line with zorin linux 17 core.
but, it have no sound with Haiku.

or should i try mplayer to instead of native media player?

You can use the search function: HDMI Audio

what is the limit of be file system ?
well, i format the 2.1Tb disk into bfs.
it take haiku into debug mode.
so, what it is the limit?
120Gb, 1Tb?

the version : hrev57579 Walter(x86_64)

Create a ticket.

To word it differently: if there was a known and intentional limit, DriveSetup would not let you create a disk larger than that limit. If you see a kernel panic, it’s a bug. Always. Users should never see a kernel panic. It should be impossible to trigger one.

the 2.1Tb disk.
I cut 114Gb into fat32.
then, format the rest partition into be file system.
then, it crash into debug mode.
these information said:

PANIC:blocks already set.
welcome to Kernel Debugging Land…

and, if i just directly format it all 2.1Tb disk into be file system ,
it will spend a long time, but OK without problem.

Can you format it with only one partition, fat32 or ntfs, and run a program like h2testw in it ? To make sure all of the disk can be correctly accessed in that machine ?

it is ok with hrev57581.

With the same size and type of partitions ?

If yes, then as instructed before, create a ticket in the bugtraq with the relevant info.

Since you say it is ok in another revision, that should prove there is a limit to the be filesystem causing this.

another size with fat32 .
then, it also be the problem again.

So, not equal.

Can you test with the same type of partitions ( the two of them ) and type ( one fat32, one befs, as you described ) ?

i cut 114Gb into fat32, then format the rest into befs , and crash.

i cut 98Gb into fat32, then format the rest into befs, and crash.

Then, again, create only one big partition, in windows or linux, and run a test program on the disk

PANIC:blocks already set.

OK, it sounds like a bad block.
but, if fat32 again and again, just a weird partition which i can not use. not like be file system, it take Haiku into crash.

a strange thing again.
i use the command dd to create a live USB flash.
i try the ISO file of zorin、mint、helloSystem、Q4OS.
then, i try the new live USB flash to run the miniPC.
but all can not be launched.
so, is there a special application to do this thing with Haiku?
or just use the command dd?
but, dd is failed.
i really don’t know what happened.