Haiku new Wallpapers!


Many of us do too, @kneekoo. However, there should be other wallpapers available for users in the beta as a way of commemorating it and to give more included options for customization out-of-the-box.


Love this idea. Even better would be if the white leaf was centered and had some effects added to it, it’d actually look pretty modern – without a preset position (current way), or tiling, multiple wallpaper sizes scaled to fit, etc.


I think just a nicely rendered vector leaf, doesn’t need any fancy effects per-se
although an expanding ripple with a mirrored leaf underneath - with blurring and partly under the top one - like it had just touched water could look really good


How about just having a few simple wallpapers in the download to save space, and packaging extra walpapers on HaikuDepot… by catagory etc… Abstract/Nature/Senic/Haiku/BeOS themed…


Recipes welcome :wink:


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That’s what I’m working on too these days. Gathering, creating, and classifying wallpapers:




I have thinked about it for same years but do not place them on our repo because copyright issus


I’ve got photos on my Flickr account. If anyone is interested, I can post a link.


Many have their own Pictures… Just drag’n drop your picture here to make it your personal background… If it is not fitting… Try another one… Use another resolution!?


Not sure what you’re saying. What I’m saying is that I have a lot of photos (that I took) on my Flickr account and if anyone wants to take a gander and use one then I’d be happy to share the link.

They’re almost all pictures of Texas with some car shows thrown in.


Haiku Screenshoot with a personal wallpaper:


I took this picture from a wall inside a brewery, so it is a perfect wall-paper!
So definitely free to use


It would be perfectly fine to be on the repo as long as they have appropriate licenses the same as anything else on there.


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lelldorin is right. There is a reason regarding icon names on the desktop, as fonts are white so there is no way to read the names of any icon on the desktop if there is a white background.

There is also a more important reason, dealing with ergonomics. A white background is too bright for the eyes. I’m not talking about screen radiation, as LED displays emit a lot less than old CRT’s. Using white backgrounds on anything you spend a lot of time looking at wears out your eyesight faster. Book pages (novels) are mostly sepia/beige because of this. Educational books should be too, but maybe editors think that no one RTFM, so they make the pages white. :smile:



Just for the record, there’s the checkbox “Icon label outline” which helps in these situations, but doesn’t look fantastic IMO.

The colour of the icon label depends on the background colour. So even if you use a background image, you can set a light background colour and have black icon labels as a result.
Only downside: the Workspaces applet shows this background colour, so you won’t have the nice mellow blue anymore there…


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By the way, I think it could be nice to just have a “wallpaper contest”, to pick 10 “default” wallpapers. With some requirements, being the most important, the copyright thing, thus contestants should give the rights to Haiku to use those wallpapers.

Seeing the buzz this wallpaper thread is rising, it might be a good idea.



Not white light but blue light… and that’s mostly an issue as you get older. Younger people’s eyes repair themselfs but that mechanism breaks down with age resulting in loss of blue receptores in the eyes.

It would be nice if Haiku had a blue light reduction mode as just about every other operating system has now… it can help reduce using a computer near bedtime from causing you to have difficulties falling to sleep as well as the blue light is what most affects your circadian rythm.

Created a ticket for a blue light reduction mode feature here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14508#ticket


Here’s a simple demo wallpaper I did based on the earlier post (white Haiku leaf on blue). Hope people enjoy it! In case it too disappears from the forum, I’ll link a zip file with it inside in the ‘quick tour’ thread:



Here is a wallpaper that I stumbled across while using KDE’s Get New Wallpapers... feature and it instantly made me think of Haiku:

Given a few tweaks (like shorter shadows), it wouldn’t look out of place with the rest of Haiku.


Would Like a New Wallpaper With Haiku Logo

That’s very nice…very clean and thoughtful…may I use It?