Haiku new Wallpapers!

Hello Haiku Community. Here I put a few wallpapers made for me for personal use only.

Enjoy them!









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Try again only with a little less sexism next time.


more muscles please

thanks wonderfull pictures.

I spot a trademark usage rule violation: You are not allowed to change the colors of the logo as you did in the 3rd wallpaper.


I also agree that I don’t need picture of girls in my wallpaper. To each their taste, I guess. You are within range of the trademark usage for that part I guess, so nothing we can do to stop you.

last one I like…

Mangastyle is great, but there are more than only girls for wallpaper i agree…
The first one is more like an add for Bra…

I like backgrounds like this:



Way too much distraction. From my POV official wallpapers should:

  • A wallpaper doesnt have too much details.
  • No primary, just pastell colours
  • Maximal 3 different colors, or they should be blended together.
  • It should’t make hard to find the icons or to read the icon texts.
  • It should blend nicely with the Haiku default color theme. Grey-blue-yellow, maybe complementer colors
  • It should give enough contrast for the ui elements, windows, deskbar, replicants.
  • Girls and cars are nice, but i’m not 16 anymore, so no humans or cars, no cartoon caracters.
    So basically something blue-yellow.
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There is no need to stick the Haiku logo on every wallpaper suggestion.
We may add it when doing demos (probably using OverlayImage or the like), but the default wallpaper to put on our users shouldn’t be an advertising billboard.

… or maybe it should. Let’s make a million dollar wallpaper?

Agree. (-:

For a default like we’ve had for ages, even though it’s technically a logo (at Golden Mean, IIRC) surrounded by desktop colour, I think it works. But for something as generic as an everyday object or good looking animal or scenery, I think the logo should remain off official ones unless someone can show like a set of images that are somehow distinctly Haiku.

Or perhaps a prefs image for that overlays the Haiku logo at some location and lets you move it? (^_^) Eh, I’ll just be happy with a one-click way to reset to “blue desktop colour and Haiku logo at Golden Mean”.

strange… why Haiku needs a blue desktop and a logo as background?!
sorry… my desktop for example is plain black… and I am happy with it!

Every one is free to change the background by themself

The blue background with the Logo is ok for me, because you can see it is haiku.

It is not a most needed thing for a System to have many Desktop backgrounds. I would love it to have a System Tool like on mac who change all Minute the background picture from a selected folder.

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…but the Haiku bootscreen is black which I like…
blue looks like the BSOD (blue screen of death) famous with windows…

The shade of blue used in the BSOD is much darker than that in the default Haiku background. It is nearly impossible to confuse the two.


The ‘new’ BSOD in Windows 8 and above, yes. The old BSOD from 7 - NT 4, and the DOS-based BSOD series, no. Both of those have a totally different shade of blue.

Aside from Windows 8/10 with it’s ‘sad face’ crash splash, the shade of blue Haiku uses is actually pretty close to BeOS or the original Mac OS 10.0-4 before the interface changed. And maybe, as much as I don’t care for Windows, the ‘Whistler blue’ solid during XP development, and maybe also the blue shown in Server (screenshot not mine):


I mean a way to reset to default easily, not a way to force everyone to defaults. (-: A button to restore colour and image to default would just make it easy to return to standard (without doing a clean install or finding non-obvious settings files).

But apparently I was misinformed some years ago that Haiku chooses Golden Mean location for the logo, and it was an accident which combined screen size and absolute position?

As Pulkomandy clarified, that Golden Mean was intentional. My “by accident” was because this only really applies to one resolution. Depending on the the user’s setting, it might be way off… :slight_smile:

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Good day everyone,


This is 16:9, small. FHD, 4K and WQHD are available on dropbox right now.

Wallpapers Different Size

No copyright, no creative license. If you like it, use it, if you don’t, discard it. :smile:




I took this about a week ago flying past Mt Ranier to Seattle. MIT license is fine by me enjoy.