Haiku new Wallpapers!

Awesome! I saved it immediately, because images keep disappearing from the forum. :stuck_out_tongue: This is the only one left in this thread.

Yeah this is what I have on my desktop at work now since it turned out so well… Took it with my phone amazingly. Looks fine at 1080p not sure about higher. It is a 4k image though let me know if the forum is downscaling etc and I’ll upload somewhere better.

It’s 4032x2268 pixels, so it will look great even on 4K displays. :smiley:

I like that backgrounds @apgreimann used in his tour:



Simple and nice

Yeah! They remind me those used in classic Mac OS (pre OS X/macOS).

That’s the idea, man. :smile: But I don’t know how they’d fit into Haiku’s feel, which is why I gave up on them. I’ll add a link next to the updated version of the demo if someone wants them though. (And glad you liked them, @lelldorin!)

The second one is pretty OK, but the first one I think the tiles are too small… too similar to the size of the icons.


This was the Blue Dalmatian iMac wallpaper. Don’t know if it blends well with Haiku though. And it’s in iMac’s G3 native resolution: 1024x768. Very small for today’s standards.

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White is not a good background

Ah, the 1990s… when computers used to be fun (and honestly personal)

While in the mood of things, here’s a few tiled backgrounds from the Classic Mac OS I really like as well (Rio Azul, Candy Bar)…



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But should more haiku like, i does not want to see Mac OS then i am using haiku :wink:


Haiku cannot supply copyrighted wallpapers, do an own interpretation.

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Technically everything work of art is copyrighted by default in the USA at least… its just if it has been licensed to you or not. Obviously we don’t have license to use Apples backgrounds…

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Right; just having a bit of fun with these. :slight_smile:

I didn’t suggest bundling apple wallpapers on Haiku. As @apgreimann said, just having fun.

How about a wallpaper with just a big Haiku leaf in the middle?


It would be simplistic, yet distinctly Haiku.

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Not a bad idea, I think a white leaf on a blue background rather than blue on white would look nice (although a blue leaf on a black background also works.)

I quite like these from DevArt which are what I use:


I quite like the second one, personally. The Haiku logo it it and its reflection could be a bit closer together, though.

While more wallpapers would be great, I just want to point out that I love the default look of Haiku. :smiley: It’s simple, beautiful and it just doesn’t get old (to me). :smile:

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