Haiku new Wallpapers!


that’s why its here


…polite to ask I think.


maybe i’ll have some more higher grade things later, if I feel up to it…


…looking forward to seeing more…but this will be hard to better, good luck!


I really like that one!


I barely put any effort at all into that tbh, I consider it a mediocre thing I did quickly while not feeling so well.


I suppose I can see how you might say that but it is pretty decent thematically… And isn’t too busy so props for that.





Wow, I really like these! They definitely capture the essence of Haiku (“sheer elegance in its simplicity”). Well done! :+1:


Nice ones, @Wildman!
Maybe you could upload the source files (WonderBrush?) so people can resize them to fit their screen resolution?


not wonderbrush, i’m afraid, just the venerable old photoshop 7.0


Bitmaps… :-1:


i am always up for making different aspect ratios.


Thanks! I suspect 1920x1080 is pretty common.


Keep them coming :wink:

Maybe you could inspire a wallpaper contest much like what Canonical does for Ubuntu.


Sort of inspired by the old HP ‘imprint’ wallpaper design, (yes, I do love Macs, but I also use Haiku and Linux on HP hardware, and they had some awesome backdrops that leaked onto the web like this one and this one), and anyway… here’s a wallpaper with waves featuring the Leaf of Power! :smiley:


The old one I had proposed for Beta, which is what the above was based off of, is here:



Love the last one :smiley:


Good day,
Well, as I’ve failed a lot lately with the porting of soft to Haiku, at least, I can offer some wallpapers.
All available to download for anyone who finds them usable: www.roired.com>devart>wallpapers