Linux Has One, Free BSD Has one, most of the other Distros has one…

Surely there mus be some sort of mascot for Haiku? Though to be fair, Windows and Mac do not have any mascot, but they are big players in the OS world.

What is it that everybody remembers about linux and makes people want to try it? it’s definately not the command line… (okay maybe to some…okay most techy people out there…) but to everyone else it would be the penguin.

It generates interest, it generates buzz, even if you’re not into computers…

We need a symbol that everybody can identify with…

I was just thinking… The Feathers in the Haiku Logo…

Where did they all come from?

Could it be a Phoenix, a Cockatoo?

Maybe the mascot shouldn’t even be a bird at all?

(Or are they actually supposed to be leaves?) - i have no idea… Actually come to think about it, a leaf makes more sense seeing as it’s a leaf that is on the smaller version of the icon…


What are your thoughts?

I’m thinking Douglas Reynholm from the IT Crowd…

Haiku’s GUI is suited to Power Users… He seems to be the embodiment of that… allbeit a very quirky one.

I jest… but maybe someone could make a Haiku Style Icon Characature out of him?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Call him D.R. for short … so we don’t infringe on any copyright laws…

(Just a silly idea I know)

They’re not feathers, they are leaves.

But let’s say they were feathers. Forget about the cute and cuddly. I say we go with this feathered character:

more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yutyrannus

Haha! :smiley: - That’s awesome lol

^ +1 for Scrat the squirrel. :wink:

Seriously, though, even though it is not an animal, and is not anthropomorphic, I had always thought the leaf was the official Haiku mascot? It is in more places than the Be bulb was; on the Deskbar, official CDs (and CD sleeve), boot splash, official and unofficial wallpaper, startup disk icon, system folder icon, help guides, documents, etc.

Yeah, the leaf is a good idea;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(this one?)

…though i swear on the full word version of the logo, they look like parrot’s feathers.

I really like this one:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mainly because it’s computery, the right size, and doesn’t look like a feather. Plus it’s exactly the same style and works well with the icon style of the operating system…

Hmm… maybe the rest of Haiku’s GUI should be based around that whole blue square thing. Would work well for a Metro rendition of Haiku. Seems to work well here…

EDIT: Check out what i found here. (originally from http://digitalblasphemy.com )

^ +1 for Scrat the squirrel. ;)

Yeah… I was thinking the same thing too lol!

Haiku needs devs, testers, engineers, maybe another strong and good searchable name too. Not “mascots”, not fanboys, not t-shirts with “cool prints”.
Cool down guy, here’s not another linux distro forum.
Wanna help — learn C++ first. Wanna continue to post such things — do it in another forums, such as “Suggestion box” or “Creative design”, not there.

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When you said ‘strong and good searchable name’ do you mean the name ‘Haiku’ itself? if you do , then yes, i think it is particularly bad too…

I think naming an operating system after an error message convention is particularly bad…

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As offtop

will be a good name and a good symbol. I like it.
At least better than rooster of linux.

But please, move such discussions to “Creative design”. Talking is good, but only at appropriate place.

But please, move such discussions to "Creative design". Talking is good, but only at appropriate place.

Yeah… sorry wasn’t sure whether this one was supposed to go into General, (as in general for the company/brand) or not.

I’ll be more careful in future.

ᚺᚨᛁᚴᚢ in runes.

From the OpenBeOS/Haiku’s past :sunglasses::


What was Walter, exactly? He looks like an eel of sorts… although he could easily be something else.

The fluorescent barbel is missing, but I’d say Walter is a dragonfish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stomiidae

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This rang a bell from long buried memories.

I`m do not think that “Walter” would be a good choice as there was quite a strong opposition to having it as the new name for OpenBeOS. The discussions about renaming OpenBeOS can still be found on the web…

While I concur that there is always need for a rallying symbol, I do not think that a mascot is the most appropriate one in this case.

+1 to what really needs Haiku, we need to put more hands to see real progress to fullfill the goal of the project and beyond. But like ak1 pointed out, a good projected image and a approachable identity around the project take most of the good visibility to attract more people to the project. A moscot would be a good idea on that thought. My two pennies would be around the “Leaf” Idea if it would need an animal I vote for the “Tanuki” from the Japanese Culture as Haiku Poem, and the Leaf/Nature motive.

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