Haiku names

Haiku Operating System or Computer Operating System “Haiku” it is full names of the project, so abbreviation Haiku_OS is OK for me.

Demanding that people only call it “Haiku” shows that you don’t understand how human language works and what “Haiku” actually means and what it doesn’t mean. Especially since this word does have totally new and different meaning than original, you can not avoid “OS”.


Haiku Operating system is not the same as „Haiku‍OS Operating system“

Operating system is a description of the function. Not the name itself.

And no, you are incorrect. The full name of the project is simply Haiku, nothing else. The second part of operating system can be added in english if you want to disambiquate it, but in other languages you obviously use other words or abreviations.


What you wrote here is obvious nonsense. It would be foolish to disagree that it is not so.

As far as I understand, you are confusing proper name, brand name and subject name. These are different things, with different functions and areas of use. One of them does not negate the others, it is always necessary to take into account the context of the use of word, because only in this way the true meaning of the word emerges.

I guess you also write “RIP in peace”?

You don’t seem to have a concept of how the abbreviation OS works.

I’m gonna stop you right there, a true meaning of a word is linguistic nonsense. Words only have meaning in context.

Anyhow, this topic is meaningless. The name of the Project is Haiku. Nothing else.


You are out of context. This is illogical. So there cannot be intelligent conversation. Do not talk to me in this way. It is offensive. I am not stupid.

It is not offensive, you are offended. There is a difference.

You beeing offended about something you read in the post shows much more clearly that language, and it’s interpretation, is subjective than any long winded explanation could.

As for stupidity, I did not bring that up. I think you are beeing quite dense in this conversation and trying to “win”, which doesn’t really work. But i certainly did not call you stupid or imply that.

Anyhow this conversation is pointless. Your introductory post already started out with an accusation of “you don’t understand how human language works”.
With the obvious implication of “But i do!”, and even then, if you have some knowledge on a subject… why not share it with the class instead of going straight into accusations?
Since when does debating devolve into trying to attack the other person’s character instead of sticking to the subject matter?

Instead of random accusations why not you know… bringing up any points to support your viewpoint?
Or refuting any points?

Anyhow, I’ll reiterate, This topic is meaningless and I do not see any point in further posts here. And as for you beeing offended there is nothing I can do about that.


I really don’t get this. The OS is called “Haiku”. How many times does it have to be repeated?

Of course you can, if the context needs it, refer to it as the Haiku operating system, just like you would refer to the Windows operating system or the Linux operating system. But this really only makes sense when talking to an audience that doesn´t know that these are operating systems.


What is wrong with calling it just Haiku, people call Windows just Windows, with the context it should be clear its referring to an OS.

Windows is so dominant that when you type it into a search engine, you don’t get pages of links about those physical cutouts in your house with glass panes. Type Haiku in the search engine and you have to wade through several pages about Japanese poetry before you get to us.

So, yes, I believe a mistake was made at the time, when SEO wasn’t a major thing yet. But there we have it, it’s a done deal. It’s called Haiku. There’s no need to name and shame newbies about it, though. Maybe a PM would serve as well.


For us it’s just “Haiku”, but for newer people this can be hard to track, so if they prefer to call it Haiku I can stand it, not “Haiku” though (although I also use that in Tokodon) :rofl: to tag Haiku. :slight_smile:

Bugger @nephele can’t type with OS :smiley:

Well, unlike you I am abusing unicode to confuse the forum software!



That’s cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another way to look at it: “Haiku” and “Haiku” mean the same thing, in context.

Unlike “Mac” and “MacOS”, which do not mean the same thing, in any context.

Really? Search Google! where “Mac” is used in sense of “MacOS”, for example: “copy files on Mac / copy files on MacOS”

I say “I run Haiku” but i google “Haiku Print Problem”

Yes, really. Macs run MacOS, so if you are using one, you’re using the other, but the wine is not the bottle.

Too bad that “OpenBeOS” couldn’t have remained. We wouldn’t be in this mess :joy:

Macs (at least some of them) also can run Linux, Windows, Haiku, FreeBSD, DOS and BeOS. So you can have Mac without MacOS (or MacOS without Mac or some other OS in MacOS in some virtual environment).

I’m like you. I most of the time separate Mac from MacOS only because I think of Mac as the hardware platform and MacOS as the software platform if that makes any sense.

But unsuspecting folks usually see PC and Windows as one and the same joined at the hip and the same goes for Mac and MacOS.