Haiku 64bit on Ryzen


The cards are not all the same - neither are the radeon drivers.

  • Radeon driver covers most non-Radeon HD products.
    • AMD Radeon X850/X800 and below.
  • Radeon_hd driver is for the Radeon R500-family and higher products:
    • AMD Radeon X1200 -> Radeon RX Vega 64
    • NOTE: AMD Radeon X1900 series not supported at this time.

The RX 580 is not the RX 480. A misconception. The RX 580 handles the 4K60 (versus 4K30) resolution.

  • The RX 460 is supported by the driver. Bug report it w/syslog attached. :key:
  • The RX 580 is not supported by the radeon_hd driver as of 7/17/2019.

So, a hit-or-miss with so many product variants with driver support. Remember, this is a hobby project
for the core developers (i.e. they got families/kids, school, paid work, bills, life, etc) so talk to them on IRC and post those bug reports. :fire:


Quick question then, how can a user tell what driver is being used for the installed hardware? I looked in the program that lists all hardware and my video driver says unknown. I have the Vega 11 as part of the Ryzen 5 2400G APU.

I assumed I was using the VESA driver and not the radeon_hd driver.

Thank you
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  • listimage|grep drivers
    • prints a list of ‘loaded’ hw drivers
  • grep radeon /var/log/syslog
    • prints the requested graphic driver (‘loaded driver’ is displayed if working)

The dev added support for the Vega family awhile ago. Add a ticket and syslog, as well as any screenshots
to help them. I had a Vega 64 awhile ago, but needed something smaller…



The Screen preflet should show it (“VESA” or “Framebuffer” will be somewhere if you are using one of those.)


It says Framebuffer

Thank you


Looking through syslog it seems that the Atom Bios cannot be found and it looks like falls back to vesa. I think I should add on to the 13846 ticket with the syslog.


If it fails to vesa, vesa doesn’t work for me… But it seems that the driver intializes and voila “signal out of range”


The question is the the radeon driver takes the control to vesa, and vesa fails? Or the driver itself fails?


Im my case the radeon driver fails due to not finding the atom bios for the vega .


Aha. That’s because in the cases for the RX580 and RX460 the driver initializes , but monitor shows signal out of range. I don’t know if it’s an error of VESA or the RADEON itself but i suppose it’s the radeon driver. In older builds seems to be working for RX580 and RX460.


RX480 vs 580… a technicality… it’s just a revision of that die, probably when they went to to the higher power node for the 580, it meant they transceivers were now fast enough for it to work reliably or they fixed some other bug… for most intents and purposes even in driver development they are 99.9% the same, it’s just that 0.1% lol…

Also on the Vega cards results may be different on UEFI vs BIOS…


There is a problem with 16 GB RAM, when Haiku 64 bit install boots from USB stick (usb2), Haiku boots OK and sees all 16 GB (excluding video RAM), but to boot from installed system on SSD I must limit Haiku system (in boot options) to 4 GB of RAM, otherwise Haiku will not booting. Is there a way to fix this?


Motherboard MSI B450-A-PRO with AMD Ryzen 3 3200g. Sound and network works, video in VESA mode (but works very fast with 1920×1200 monitor). Two monitor set do not work (it is not good).

Tested with “haiku-master-hrev53350-x86_64-anyboot.iso”, writted on USB stick on Ubuntu 18.04 with “MultiWriter”.

… and forgot to mention, system update and Haiku Depot do not work (system can not access repositories), hrev53350 problem?


Yes, you need to use the EFI bootloader; the 4GB problem with the BIOS loader is known and unsolved.

Yes, there’s a ticket about this.