Haiku 64bit on Ryzen


I think the problem maybe related to the non supported HDMI connections on radeon hd accelerant. See:

The problem occurs with rx460 as well. RX460 is supported. I think maybe supporting HDMI connections wiil be good instead of using adapters to connect monitors.

No monitor info simply does not boot only invalid function(like a mode not recognized in the monitor).


some more tests connecting the card with a DVI cable shows signal out of range and maybe this was the problem with HDMI. Some suggestions??

The resolution is 1920x1080x32@60Hz


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All right, so back again on track with Haiku 64 on Ryzen. The setup has changed due to some hardware issues, so the updated setup from the first post in 201809 is:

MB: MSI B350M Bazooka
Processor: Ryzen 5 2400G 4Core
RAM: 24 GB 2400
HD: 500 GB SSD SATA (no NVMe) using GPT partition table
KM: Ugreen USB switch
Keyboard: Wired Microsoft Comfort 3000 (plugged in the KVM)
Mouse: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic
Video through mDP on Radeon RX 560 4GB DDR5

All 64 bit, and all UEFI dual booting with Ubuntu Vanilla Gnome 19.04. I’m on nightlies again:
Haiku aqvila 1 hrev53202 Jun 17 2019 19:33:06 x86_64 x86_64 Haiku

Right now, there is no limit for RAM, all 24 GB are seen by the OS.

Everything seems to work fine but some small issues:

  • need Safe Graphics Mode (nothing changed here yet, Screen Prefs says Framebuffer)
  • dual boot does a weird thing on every boot, saying no boot device found and needing to select the hard drive where Haiku is installed prior to continue booting.
  • no audio through mDP (mini Display Port) (-presumed because using safe mode, so no Radeon Driver active-)

I need to check the UEFI boot stuff prior to notify a bug. As now share the HW between Haiku and Ubuntu gamedev, less available time to test, but will keep on going.



They can code redefine just ‘AMD Ryzen’ family versus the current ‘Ryzen 7’ model specific generic.
Recently, the product list is: AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9/Threadripper.

Haiku currently does up to 64 threads and 32GB RAM.
Most AMD-based X570 motherboards support 128GB RAM.
A few AMD TR4 desktop motherboards support 256GB RAM.


Probably all AM4 boards with 4 ram slots (dual channel 4 slots) will support 128GB once 32GB dimms launch which is soon. Dual dimm ITX boards formerly limited to 32GB will be able to 64GB as well.

I’ve booted Haiku with 256GB ram also btw… on Operon 6386SE


The Intel SFF versions were out a few years ago…

  • AMD TR ATX support 256GB RAM.
  • Intel ITX boards support 128GB RAM.
  • AMD TR4 mATX support 64GB RAM (soon, 128GB RAM).

They’ll catch up probably by EOY… the dual socket EPYC server solutions are up to 4TB memory.


dual boot does a weird thing on every boot, saying no boot device found and needing to
select the hard drive where Haiku is installed prior to continue booting.

That’s because currrently the Haiku Installer don’t setup the UEFI nvram variables to declare the UEFI haiku loader. And it doesn’t also/meanwhile install it on on the ESP (UEFI System) partition of the default boot device (it’s a FAT partition)


Good day @phoudoin,

Thanks for pointing that out. I won’t bother about it for now :slight_smile:



Except for 2 boards on newegg that advertise 64GB support all of them advertise the same 32GB support that AM4 does.


Have the following booting from USB:

ASRock A300W M-ITX
Ryzen 5 2400G
16 GB RAM 2933
Crucial MX500 250GB SATA M.2 2280SS SSD

The system boots to the USB installer , but the M.2 SSD is not detected(?) to install to. Not sure if I need a different NVME M.2 to work.

Currently have to set the 4GB safe boot limit to work or I get KDL.

I have another SATA interface SSD that I will try just to get installed and running.

Pretty excited about the tiny form factor and all the power!

Will keep everyone posted.


Are you using a nightly image? The beta images don’t have the ability to access NVMe at all.

The A300 is a neat little PC I’m glad at least one company stepped up to make it!


Sorry, running 64bit nightly hrev 53237. I did a little searching and don’t see any special instructions for M.2 . I have seen references to PCIe vs SATA. I am wondering if I have the wrong M.2 NVMe type.


Well even the beta should boot from a SATA NVMe drive… you should post your listdev output and a copy of your syslog via pastebin when you get a chance so waddlesplash and others can see if there is some reason your SSD is not picked up.

A SATA M.2 drive would work even on the beta… since it’s just a SATA drive. Note some M.2 ports lack either one or the other of NVMe or SATA physical connections so YMMV. The A300 should support both however.


Will do. Also just noticed, even though I safe booted and said ignore memory above 4GB, About this system says 14270MiB total. Wonder if it detects it all but only addresses 4GB.


Where do you see that?

Normally it would only see 4GB and report that as well… check Haiku’s about dialog, it reports how much ram exists and is in use.


The about says 14270 MiB. I know I click the ignore above 4GB. I just rebooted with out the 4GB check off and now it boots with no problem and all 16GB visible. I also rebooted with the 4GB check off and the about still says 14270 MiB total.

I can also say from the USB stick boot I can unplug and replug keyboard and mouse with no problems. I saw others were having a problem with that.


–Removed obnoxious listdev post. Added pastbin below


Wired ethernet works on ASRock A300W. Have not installed the wireless fully yet.


listdev and syslog pastebin for ASRock A300 NVMe SATA M.2 250GB SSD not being detected



Looking back on the product page it does say each M.2 port is PCIe Gen3 x2/x4. I wonder if that means the M.2 ports do not support SATA and I would need to use a 2.5 SATA with the SATA connectors and find a PCIe M.2 NVMe