Flat Decorator and ControlLook


im making another darktheme to protect my ayes :stuck_out_tongue:. I’ve made it look pretty good (IMO), but the decorator and controlLook have too much of a white gradient.


I would like to take the original code of these “haiku-looks” and be able to modify those little things to later build a package that looks more flat.

For example:

The gradient in white there are too much, and make that text its not legible.

Can someone help me on how to find these sources and how to compile them to deploy them locally and do these tests?

Thanks! any help is apreciated.


Default control look is located here: https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/src/kits/interface/HaikuControlLook.cpp.

You can make control look add-on by exporting extern "C" BControlLook* instantiate_control_look(image_id id) and installing it in control_look add-ons directory such as /boot/home/config/non-packaged/add-ons/control_look.

Some existing control look add-ons: https://github.com/s40in/HakiControlLook/tree/master/control_look_addon.

Thanks for the response @X512. i will try to do that

Here go a little progress with the control look. This control looks as “flat style” Wich is best with dark colors.


Anybody knows where i can find the source of the default decorator to adjust as flat style too?

Default decorator is located at: DefaultDecorator.cpp « decorator « app « servers « src - haiku - Haiku's main repository.
Sample add-on decorator: BeDecorator.cpp « BeDecorator « decorators « add-ons « src - haiku - Haiku's main repository.
Note that decorator add-on is loaded to app_server (Haiku GUI server, it does the same thing as X11 in Linux or win32k.sys in Windows) so it can crash whole system.

oky! haha, i wiill be do that with care. Thanks!!!

I am not sure if it’s the screenshot, but the text colour is too dark.

thanks @bitigchi; yes! some rework is needed, but these part its only an easy config in the theme. The hard/educative work for me its make the UI look flater… :smiley:

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Firts atempt to compile the flat decorator:


I see that the DecorManager.h its located in


but i dont have de “/develop/sources” in my disk. I need to download the whole source of haiku? doesnt exist any package that provide this?


Unfortunately it is not located in private folder. You can download and copy it: https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/plain/src/servers/app/decorator/DecorManager.h.

UDPATE: actually decorator add-on need more app_server headers like DrawingEngine.h, it can’t use regular drawing API.

Seems to be imposible to me compile the BeDecorator addon.


I downloaded all haiku source code and reference that by the makefile; then i fall in that error and no idea how to fix.

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I once compiled a decorator out of the Haiku source code tree a while back, I just need to find the Haiku installation in which I did so. Than I could provide some instructions.:slightly_smiling_face::+1: The problem is that decorators are not designed to be compiled separately from the Haiku source code at the moment, so it takes some work arounds to do so.

Thanks very much @CodeforEvolution! if you find that please let me know. :smiley:

Here’s something even better: https://github.com/CodeforEvolution/DecoratorSDK

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Excelent! after some missing librares and touches in the default decorator, the work is complete; this is the result.



Thanks for the help with this!


tnx for your effort! I think it’s the best dark-mode control look out there!

But just an opinion…don’t u think that the yellow tab is a but too, well,…bright?

Agree with @TheClue here, yellow seems a bit bright, but fair enough, it’s a design choice.

Apple has some nice colour defaults for light and dark modes, if you’d like to have a look, you can see them here: https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/macos/visual-design/color/

will you share it? is a cool decorator dude, you should share this n.n

Then, I’ve the perfect background…



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haha! i know. The most important thing to me, its to remove all the lights implemented in the default decorator (living or remaking only the “soft-shadows”)… This is for any kind of color goes well with the theme.

Im doing it in my free time and that is why im going too slow. For now, the decorator only has a few details left but i continue fighting with the controllook; the combos and buttons are terrible.