The Next Generation of Qt 6 is Now!

Looking great! Will this be available on HaikuDepot once it’s ready?

Looking great! Will this be available on HaikuDepot once it’s ready?

I think it will make sense after release 6.2. This will give time to debug and test platform plugins for the 6.x version.


Qt 6.2 for Haiku:




Excelent work @3dEyes !!!


Hey nice great work…
Will some Qt apps work better now if newly compiled? Like Scribus?
That would be great.
What do we have to expect now? Better performance with the new Qt-Library?

Great very good work, fantastic…


Qt5 is not a drop in replacement for Qt5, it has breaking API changes. Software need to be ported to Qt6. The transition is mostly straight forward. Not all APIs had been available on Qt6, but Qt 6.2 is actually pretty feature complete. But many projects will probably still wait a bit before they do the jump.


Now if GTK can make its way onto Haiku and get some Haiku UI/UX polish similar to what was done for Qt would be awesome.

Extremely sorry if this is off-topic, but the only thing I partly fear with things like this is the Haiku UI becoming more modern and flat just like every other operating system, desktop environment, and theme is nowadays. I really do like how Haiku is one of the final classic looking operating systems and in my opinion needs no change to it’s UI, but others might disagree. I do heavily respect and support making your OS look how you want it to, but please don’t completely remove the classic looking UI when adding modern UI/UX technologies, or at least just make an option to enable them as a theme, believe or not, classic UI design can actually count as a pro for your operating system and can even give it a slight following, look at Trinity Desktop Environment for example.


That really shouldn’t be too much of a concern since most Qt apps follow the system theme and are often designed similarly to Haiku apps.

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Yeah, you are right and I myself am not a developer and apologize if I make idiotic sounding quotes or posts LOL, I probably should’ve made my own thread about that, but it’s just a concern I have. All due respect to any developers contributing to UI toolkit and designs continuing to make Haiku great.

Your concerns are reasonable, maybe fitting better in the thread

Though I don’t think we’re running the risk of losing our classic Haiku look. We pretty much stuck to it for 2 decades with only minor tweaks and are aware of the importance of consistency.
So the look&feel will stay, but there may be a few non-radical alternatives in the future (classic BeOS, dark, flat, etc.).


Im doubt 3dEyes… we now support native controls looks? or this use a theme like last qt port you made?

Can’t agree more, very well said.

@nhtello If in QtConfigurator and in apps you choose system appearance, it follows Haiku look.


Maybe it would be easier to port GTK 3+ by using Wayland protocol. But it use shm and epoll. It should be possible to create BWindow for each Wayland window and draw surfaces with BView::DrawBitmap and this patch.


Current plans for qt6:

  1. Write separate recipes for individual packages of each component, as is done now in gentoo for qt5 - qtcore, qtgui, qtnetwork, qtmultimedia… This will reduce the size of the installed libraries, as only the necessary ones specified in the dependencies will be installed. This will also make it easier and faster to build packages and install dependencies.

  2. Make qt6 brunch for platform plugins qthaikuplugins (QPA, Style, HVIFImagePlugin, QtMultimedia Audio).

  3. Make the haiku icons theme a separate package from the qthaikuplugins (to use them for qt5 and qt6 applications as well).


The “classic” look is not going away. Easily identifiable GUI elements is an important feature in quickly “parsing” an user interface, and we are not going to remove that unless there is a very good reason to do so.


Some progress:

  1. Recipes for modules: qt6_base, qt6_doc, qt6_declarative, qt6_imageformats, qt6_multimedia, qt6_shadertools, qt6_svg, qt6_tools
  2. Fixed haiku platform plugins and integrated into qt6_base package: QPA, Style, HVIF
  3. First Qt6 based application: QMMP 2.0.1



awesome :+1: :+1: :+1: …big thanks for you @3dEyes


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