Fix QtWebEngine or work on WebKit?

The tl;dr
clone the repo
follow build instructions in the readme
try haikulauncher (or copy the wevpositive binary into the release folder to start it with new webkit)

If you have questions about specfic components, basically “where is this?” for the webkit tree you can check the tickets I linked above, sometimes info is already there, othertimes you can ask and some knowledgeable people will probably give you the info (likely pulkomandy, madmax or myself)

Yes, I meant QtWebEngine.

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For @everybody in this thread: this is the n+1 reincarnation of the same topic with basically the same content. Would it be possible in the future to read the previous ones (using the search function), instead of talking about the same thing over and over again?
If we could spend the time on developing instead of “i know it better than you”, then in some days the problem would be solved. But interestingly it seems the community doesnt want to solve problems but to generate new ones.
Maybe this phenomen have an own name and analyzed already, i however dont know about it, so i call it “BS-talk”.

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@extrowerk OK, maybe you are right. But I have some questions:

  1. Can you point to an example thread?
  2. Do you mean the discussion “haiku-native solution stack or linux software stack” has been done before many times? Or do you mean rather technical discussion in general?
  3. Isn’t there already a list of recommended threads when you open a new discussion? Maybe no one really reads that?
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I don’t read it because it’s never relevant, and the search function never returns relevant stuff for me either.

Here are a couple of the other similar threads when searching for web browser and chromium:

Definitely sure that there are many, many more threads where similar discussions around web browsers on Haiku have taken place.

Edit: This is not an invitation or suggestion to start posting on all or most of these threads. At least one or more might’ve been locked even due to overly heated discussions.

P.S. This might be useful to you @extrowerk as a reference in the future when yet another thread inevitably starts going into the upper two digits in post count regarding web browsers on Haiku.


Wow, I wasn’t aware that the same discussion has been done some many times before.

Well, maybe a default reply pointing to development projects for (a) HaikuWebKit etc. and (b) porting Chromium etc. should be done in future. So people might go there and start contributing or else shut up. Ok, people will still not shut up. But maybe some people change fron demanding/advicing to making.


I would say it was already ongoing in the BeOS time, eg. 20+ years ago.

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the inc should ask the 20k or so of us users for a specific funding commitment. i would certainly contribute to sich a endeavor.

for instance

hire 2 developers at a cost of XX,XXX per yr

need 500 people to contribute $xx per month

as an example.

in that however it would need some focus. I’d be happy to have you back working on haiku fulltime.

you did a lot of high quality work as is waddlesplash currently.

so, yeah many of us are aware, and many of us can pour some resources in. but it needs a bit of leadership.

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First of all it needs people who wants to be hired. Under current conditions that is not the case for me. And the inc already has a funding goal ($20000 this year) that allows them to continue Waddlesplash contract this year (but not in the longer term). They rise this goal every year until hopefully it becomes high enough to sustain a full-time developer at a reasonable cost. Then maybe it will raise more and they can start having interns or short-term contracts in addition to one full-time developer. And then maybe later they can consider hiring a second developer.

But to have two full time developers the costs would probably be somewhere around $100K/year? So that’s 5x more than what we have now. For now the donations received are simply not enough.

And personally, I don’t want to leave my current job for something that uncertain. Last time I did it, it was because I had just left my previous job anyway, for a variety of reasons. Initially my 2014 contract was signed for just 2 months, but the donations allowed to renew it several times and keep going for about a year. Then Haiku inc ran out of money.


let me ask you a different question, what could the inc accomplish with 250k annually ??

could hire 3 or 4 top notch decs ???

Yes, but that’s 12 times the current donations.

I’m going to go shopping for a large Patreon, likely they will want something in exchange, let me see what i can dig up

It also depends on where you find the devs. Here in Silicon Valley, California top notch devs are more than $200k each unfortunately.


good info to have

Omg so many whiners here… I just asked simple question. :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:

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Simple questions don’t always have simple answers.

And if you want people to respond to your questions, calling them whiners may not be the best way to go about it.


Well, you asked for it? :wink: :smiley:


Ok. The simple answer is “no”.


I agree, It is a bit ambitious. I would suggest to go for a goal-driven, very specific fund raising. We would estimate the effort and set a specific fund raising campaign against it. For example: WebKit2 :grinning:. When we hit an intermediate milestone (i.e. 40% of the monies) a developer could sign a contract and start working on it.
He/she will serve not only as a developer but also as a project lead coordinating the work of volunteers who can pick small chunks of work up out of a backlog.
I might be a bit naïve but this what comes to mind ATM.
Would it make sense?