Firefox esr for haiku


i would really like to see firefox esr on haiku i prefer the esr branch the the weekly one.


Why this would be so importand? Check haiku Ports if one is working on it, you will be find them here.


Nobody is really working on FireFox and it has tons of dependencies that need work… mostly Rust and Python and the graphics libraries Firefox needs. I want Firefox also but we must be realistic.

Pulkomandy’s work on webkit1 and hopefully soon webkit2 (which may bring better support for adblocking) is the best browser on Haiku right now. Granted Webpositive is missing many features like adblocking but it is still the best integrated browser on Haiku and as of late is reasonably stable. Probably go for Qupzilla or another QT browser if you need adblocking for now.


Feel free to ask the Mozilla guys about an official port.


This is just the n+1 you guys should port Firefox topic, motivation is mostly: if there is Firefox, then i would think about try Haiku.

But it is not Haiku’s job to provide any browser at all except WebPositive, every other ports should be made by the community.
Many Linux derivate provides own built Firefox you would say, why cant Haiku do it then?

Because it would take years to get it right, and while it is not impossible there are better things to do.

So if somebody needs Firefox or any other specific software and cant live with alternatives, there is 3 simple way:

  • do it yourself
  • pay somebody to port it
  • ask the project (in this case Mozilla) to provide support for Haiku
  • no, there is no other way


Sounds hard, but so it is.


i use ublock origin and disconnect addons. i don’t think they will work on webkit?


WebKit has a built-in ad-blocker which can use AdBlockPlus format, same as uBlock Origin.


Developers can tell how many money we must spend to look securite firefox version on haiku?


Again: ask Mozilla, it’s their product not ours.


Adblock plus is not the same as ublock origin i haven’t used adblock plus in years due to allowing ads to pass through there blocker and feature allow acceptable ads option.


… firefox was great… 16 years ago…


… and great still today.


I use Vivaldi on Windows, and also on Linux (most of the time). Much prefer it to Firefox. However, I think the team should concentrate on putting the final touches to Webpositive rather than waste time porting alternatives.


I think otherwise. WebPositive is a good as a basic web browser, good as Haiku developers can or want to get it. It is not needed to be high priority for Haiku developers. I think Haiku developers must give most of theirs attention to Haiku system itself.
And Haiku users need to get some best mainstream browsers, and as other mainstream best open source apps. For this to happen Haiku must be better as a system, to attract more users-developers, which will port and create apps for Haiku.


At this point there is no technical reason just about any application cannot be ported. If it wants/needs e.g. OpenGL, then it may be slower than if we had working 3D drivers, but there are at least no missing APIs. I think the Blender and LibreOffice ports essentially prove this. So the only thing impeding a Firefox port (or any other application) is that nobody is working on it for one reason or another.


Apparently, that is not enough (technical features in the system). So you should ask programmers what features of the system would you like to see in the system?
And add them.


Your use of the word “apparently” means that you don’t yourself know whether the “system” (do you mean Haiku, or Webpositive, or what?) lacks certain important technical features.

That being the case, isn’t the onus on you to find out what these features are that you claim to be missing?


I do not claiming anything, I am just stating what it is, and why it is. Fact is that Haiku not impressive enough for developers which would port Firefox to Haiku. Why is it? I think it is because, devs who can port Firefox (or other software) do not find Haiku as adequate working system for them. Haiku lacks something for them.


As i see is better and more important have a 3d drivers workning than firefox by now, cause withouth opengl it would be a little deception.