Falkon (ex QupZilla)

With the demise of FireFox on Haiku, QupZilla is not bad browser–but it is an old version of 1.8.9 and I have experienced memory consumption issues occasionally (where it will uses all the RAM, seizes the PC, and forces a hard reboot).

QupZilla 3.0 is now known as Falkon 3.0. Just curious if this is still active project for Haiku?

The current release is now v3.1.

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Falkon needs QtWebEngine which is still unavailable on Haiku.
So we cannot update to Falkon right now.


Thanks! Well, that would be awesome when it and Falkon gets migrated for Haiku.

@KapiX managed to get it running but it doesnt render. I think he abonded it for now.
Maybe someone with much spare time steps up.







Wow, Blink (via QtWebEngine) finally working on Haiku! Will you be making a recipe for HaikuPorts?

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Recipes are available already and it should also be in HaikuDepot soon.
QtWebEngine: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/64d12344d446aab8d65dc52b8ac170dcdfad65b8/dev-qt/qtwebengine/qtwebengine-5.15.2.recipe
Falkon: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/6b7fce325ef1f064bc53800568c963a01fd21411/www-client/falkon/falkon-3.1.0.recipe


Yes, the builder was stuck on it for the past few days, so I just switched us to using binary packages instead just for QtWebEngine. It should be available (x86_64 only) in a few minutes.

I should warn everyone, though, it is very crash-prone. But unlike the other currently available browsers, this is a proper multiprocess browser, so when one tab crashes you can just reload it and continue on your merry way. :slight_smile:

Big thanks to @korli, @KapiX, and everyone else who worked on this one!


Great news and thanks for all the efforts. Found this today and its seems to be more active than Falkon. Maybe it can be ported easily.

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Will this be available for Haiku B3?

Hopefully as the QtWebEngine port matures, more web browsers can get ported to Haiku over time. Or even switch existing web browsers such as Otter or qutebrowser to it.

This is extremely helpful for reliability and for eventually getting websites working too. Some of the websites shown in this Twitter thread can take multiple tries to work without crashing their respective tab processes:

But they eventually work with enough attempts and when they do, they generally render rather accurately.

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Currently I can not find it on my Beta3 desktop,on my Nightly laptop and online on https://depot.haiku-os.org ,so maybe it will just take a little longer to appear.
I really hope that it will be available in Beta3 as I don’t want to switch my main computer to nightly,but as long as it’s available nowhere,I don’t know.

It should be available, maybe you need to update your haiku beta build though?

provides {
        falkon = 3.1.0
        app:falkon = 3.1.0
requires {
        haiku >= r1~beta3_hrev55181_28-1
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Somehow that sounds way less reliable than what we have now .-.
I certainly wouldn’t want multiple crashes for a tab, i don’t want any crashes.

It is available only for 64 bit for now.

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All my computers have 64bit.
Maybe the IPFS mirror is a bit behind,but as the packages also don’t show up on https://depot.haiku-os.org ,I’ll just wait a bit longer.

Seems to be at first, until finding out that the web browser as a whole is still running. Other web browsers on Haiku are completely taken down if a crash in a single tab occurs.

Falkon and QtWebEngine are already on the main HaikuPorts EU repo. IPFS mirrors will take a while to synchronise.

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I see that Chromium crashes sometimes voluntarily for security concerns: for instance, whenever it tries to close a file descriptor, and Haiku returns EBADF, it will crash (see base/files/scoped_file.cc - chromium/src - Git at Google)

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Is this why oftentimes when a crash dialog appears, the tab continues working normally if it is ignored?