ERP Software

It’s doable :slight_smile: (there’s only one language for it?)


Forked into (also builds for gcc8)

Kudos to @3dEyes


Maybe you can translate it to english roughly?
Is it Hungarian?

I think it’s Polish, from first look into the source it’s hardcoded :slight_smile:

so it would be easy to translate the hardcoded words to english then!

If you want to go through the whole sources yes :wink:

Is it doable on Github for a polish translator?
Is there a lot of code?
I will have to update Haiku first. The new hrev.55457 gives me a black screenon my 64bit and I have to manually start the Desktop with ctrl+alt+del
so wait for a new Hrev… I did a bug report already

The code isn’t that large I presume, but you’d have to search through it to find all the used strings …

It is definetely not hungarian, and because the lot z and w i also assume it is polonish.

The author is Polish, so it safe to assume it’s just that :slight_smile:


There is also this fork:
I think some of the work can be merged.

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That one is forked (and even) from @ModeenF (didn’t see this after later) :slight_smile:


what… from me :smiley:


I could check @3dEyes and maybe push them over to your fork @ModeenF , but it will be harder to track down the changes I guess :wink:


Not Hungarian. That’s for sure…

yeah… i’m just little translating into english … when i check source… its many hardcode polish? languange… so i’m not confidence to move forward

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I have developed one software i use for my company. But it’s for linux in gambas language.

Maybe if someone can port gambas visual basic software on haiku, it will attract very big community of people who use *nix

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I haven’t heard of Gambas before you for one…

Gambas on Haiku? - Development - Haiku Community (

I hear very little about gambas. It was on everyone’s lips for a while (years ago), but it’s been quiet ever since. It would be nice to have the language (could also take a look at it, I have the book for it) but there are certainly more important things.

I like yab (yet another basic), thats the best basic choice for Haiku :wink:

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I don’t know if the question has already been answered

You mean TimeLiner, vEvent?

Elmstreet Soft Main Page (

Or listed in HaikuDepot Web

Haiku Depot Server (

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For informations: