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Hi everyone,

i have a short question… is there already any form of ERP software around for Haiku? A friend of mine runs a small business and is in need for a simple software which can manage customer data (adresses, recent purchases etc.), manage his warehouse (article in stock etc.) and is usable to write simple invoices.

As we have not found anything matching in the Haiku depot i just wanted to ask before we start hacking around something for him.

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Ive seen some in the past, but don’t remember any names. Have you checked the financial category in HaikuDepot?

Good day @RalfWausE,

Some of those [ERP, CRM, CMS, ECM…] systems are open source and run on top of a web server. Not sure if those could run on top of Poorman, the Haiku native personal web server, that will depend on the system’s requirements. If not, maybe can install some web server on Haiku and add the ERP/CRM/CMS/ECM… on top.

You can check, even some demos to try them out, a great variety of those systems on

Many of those systems are modular in the sense that you can add the features you need after installing them, in many cases as plugins, in other cases as extra modules. So while some are not ERP specific, later can add the needed modules to make them a fully functional and fully featured ERP.


Don’t run your business on a beta stage operating system. The filesystem will crash and eat your data, or other bad things like that will happen.

No. PoorMan can only serve static webpages. Also, I thought the name made it clear that it was not a serious tool? It’s nice to have if you want to quickly start an HTTP server locally to share some files. Don’t expose it on the Internet, it is not safe and people will hack into your computer.


At least your honest. It’s good that folks are beginning to look to Haiku for their operating system needs for all kinds of uses.

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There was a native program for this kind of tasks but i can’t recall its name, one doesn’t necessarily have to solve every problem with webservers.


Exactly this.

Good day @extrowerk ,

Agree on that, I rather have native than anything else, just when there is no native I look for things somewhere else. Just happen to have a provider who develops personalized ERPs from opensource ERPs.

Back in the days I played with Drupal and Joomla, nothing serious though [just checking if I could get something out of them but in the end thought they were overkill for my needs] , on top of a WebServer, but only inside a LAN, never exposed outside the LAN :wink: @PulkoMandy. Not every web server has to be publicly available, AFAIK… :thinking:

Nonetheless, if there is no native software, and no other options available, the web server could be an option, don’t you think so? I don’t see SAP working on Haiku in the near future, … yet :wink:


@all Thank you very much for answers, especially @KapiX for the hint to fakBEtur… i will try it out and test with my friend if this is what he needs.

@PulkoMandy: Normaly i would second that, but after months of using Haiku as my main productive system (the guy for whom i am looking for an ERP is using Haiku too) i can definitively say that the stability feels like a final release instead of beta state. Nonetheless: A backup a day keeps headaches away…


there are sevral systems written in QT, and there is Personal Finance in the depot, which could be extended, don’t remember status of source code though ??

Wow, I had no idea that existed. I wonder what it would take to get it going.

If someone needs:

  • Makefile for fakBEtur build
  • fix build for Haiku
  • sqlite3 support


Why not submit this as a PR or at least make a fork on GitHub?


I’m too lazy )


…nice honnest answer, I like it.
You are doing so much other great work with porting, so not much time left.

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It’s doable :slight_smile: (there’s only one language for it?)


Forked into (also builds for gcc8)

Kudos to @3dEyes


Maybe you can translate it to english roughly?
Is it Hungarian?

I think it’s Polish, from first look into the source it’s hardcoded :slight_smile:

so it would be easy to translate the hardcoded words to english then!