Convert E-mail contacts to 'People'

I did manually entere around 50 of my contacts in G-mail to "people’
Can this be done through some process, script, etc, automatically?
I have one E-mail ID in disroot, which I use via beam…I need those gmail contacts to be in ‘people’

Otherwise, I will just use webmail

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If you know how the data is stored in the gmail files, you can use yab to make a convert to people. People files are files with attributes, so this is the easiest part. I does not know the contact files of gmail.

Some infos around it:


If you can export your Google contact to VCard format, then you may be able to convert that into People files using the VCard<—>People converter program for BeOS:

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Some more additional that may help here:

Thanks to both of you for your suggestion…I will try this

Maybe it’s easier to export the list as a csv file.
Then some lines of yab would be enough …
I’ll have a look on it, if necessary


It’s necessary i think (every yab script is necessary) :grin::vulcan_salute:

Here you are



Really good!! (Im learning yab!)

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Hey thaflo, nice to read you. You can make a gui to manage other entries using a listbox for all infis from the gmail file and textcontrols to add the selected entry into people file.

Nice to see interest into yab, thanks

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Hi lelldorin, I know what’s possible with yab, thanks. (See MyContacts, MyBudget, MySVN …)
Though that was a quick work to help the TO, I don’t need the script for myself.
You can import all files and then delete the unwanted files in your people folder.
Or you can clean up the google contacts list before the export, as I should do but never did :slight_smile:

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Thank you foryour support. I am having some health issues- severe back pain

I will try out your suggestions on weekend and report back
Thanks again for so much support

When I ran this program, I got an error saying
Syntax Error in line 92…program not executed

I am an Electrical engineer, not much knowledge wrt PC software (Though proficient in PLC programming)
Will try to debug and report…will see what is there in line 92

When I opened this program in Pe editor, line numbers are not shown…could not make out which line is 92…

Pe shows the line number of the cursor at the bottom left in the status bar.
With ALT+, you jump to a specific line.

I don’t speak yab, but line 92 is

print co+" files created"

which seems to just print out how many files were processed at the end.
The app starts when changing the line to:

print co$+" files created"
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Thanks…atleast learnt where to see the line number…but this is as far as I can see

sorry @san2ban , there where still some bugs in
please head over to the website to load the newer version from today

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it should have been
print str$(co)+" files created"

Thank you very much. Great. Contacts of gmail got converted into People.
I can see them when I type a contact name in Beam

But, I have nearly 1200 contacts in the contacts.csv file

It has converted only 94 contacts…
Will it not convert fully?