Convert E-mail contacts to 'People'

Tried to attach a photo ofthe error displayed…700kB PNG file…not uploading

Tried to import my 395 contacts, worked flawlessly.
What’s the output in the terminal?

Pl. see the attachedfile, taken using Flameshot…BeScreencapture records video…

pl. suggest a remedy

Maye look at your file, around the last name correctly imported, and see if some entry has anything different in it, like a strange character or punctuation ?

indeed, it has maybe a comma ( , ) in its name
as the file is comma separated and I didn’t have that case, it should be a line with more than 49 commas in it
you can try increasing the array size in the yab program to maybe 60
better for me, you look on line 95 (minus the first one) and look there for an additional , so I can have a look for a fix