Vcard2people bash script

Im having trouble running the vcard script to convert vcard to people file. All I can get is no such directory.

I’m not well versed in the terminal but i can usually find my way around. Cand some one help with proper syntax ?

My exported vcard file is in home/Downloads and the script is in home/config/non-packaged/bin

Thanks !

FIrst off, is it the one on Haiku Depot Server? Or is it one of your own invention?

Hello SamuraiCrow,

It’s the script from here

Thanks for helping

WhenI type vcard I get this

bash vcard
usage: vcard vcard [-h] [-A|a] [-d dir|-o path] file

People files will be created using the data from a vcard. Each vcard defined
by a given vcf/vcard file have its person file be named after the vcard’s
-o changes the output person filename
-d outputs all people files to a given directory-- useful if a file
defines multiple vcards.
-A saves vcard to the ‘META:vcard’ attribute of the person file
-a writes vcard to the person file (disables usage of a photo)
-h prints this message.
~> usage: vcard vcard [-h] [-A|a] [-d dir|-o path] file

Its the usage part I’m having trouble with :grimacing:

The one on HaikuDepot is just an HPKG wrapper of the one you’re using anyway. I’ll look at the source.


It is not a Bash script. The usage you had above was assuming it was a Bash script. It’s a program written in C++. You’re supposed to drag icons into the window according to the docs. I haven’t gotten mine to work either. I’ll see if the HPKG needs updating. Of course, the 32-bit binaries should just work but I’m on 64-bits. The HaikuPorter hasn’t been able to build it yet. I’ll see if I can fix the recipe.

OK,thanks, yeah I’m on 64-bit too. It’s not important for me to to get it working I can always build my contacts manually . So if you have better things to do, no problem !

Thanks for chiming in .

You’re welcome! It seems that HaikuPorter is getting stuck at the WGet download. WebPositive will download the zip file just fine but WGet gets a 403 Forbidden.

Paging Dr. @Pete Goodeve… :slight_smile:

Considering that error message… Maybe you just need to create the output directory first?

as in:

> mkdir ~/People
> vcard -d ~/People ~/Downloads/your_vcard_file

Change “People” to something else if you want, and “your_vcard_file” to match the name of your vcard file, of course.

BTW: curl does downloads the file with no issue too @SamuraiCrow. No idea why wget gets that 403 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thanks BiPolar you are on to my incompetence !

Oh… I have a PhD on that!


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Yikes!! Thanks Humdinger! That app goes back to the early days of BeOS!
I only wrote it because I’d heard about vcard, but I’ve never had any other contact with the topic. I never have actually used it! I have essentially no memory of the code, and may not have the source anymore because my BeOS machine went belly-up a couple of years ago. :frowning_face: I’ll see what I can dig up.

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Heh. Shows how much I remember! The zip file you used has the source, so there should be no problem resuscitating!


I meant more the issue that haikuporter seems to be unable to download the archive.
Would you be willing to have us host the source under an MIT license at HaikuArchives and build a package from there?

Huh, yeah I just tried and find the same. I downloaded the zip via WebPositive earlier without problem, but wget on the same URL gets a 403. Unfortunately, somehow I’ve screwed up the password for my Web account, or something, and I can’t get in! Should be fixed when the IP’s support folks come back tomorrow, but I’m stuck for now.
I assume the wget problem is permissions, but I’m not sure what.

As for you taking over the source, of course that’d be fine. Not sure it’d help much because I don’t expect any evolution of the source! For some reason, I get an error when HaikuDepot tries to download the package (others seem OK, so I don’t know what the problem is). Does the hpkg haver the source too, or is it just the executable?

One slightly dumb request… I confess to never having actually used either person or vcard files myself, so I don’t have any to try the apps on! If anybody can supply me with useful (and varied) examples, that’d be useful.

Aaahhh! I just went and read the thread back, paying a bit more attention(!)_ and I think there’s some miscommunication somewhere!

I gather @Glidedon was trying to invoke an app just called “vcard” – which is not a part of my stuff! I just get “file not found” with that.

My apps are vcard2people and people2vcard, and as far as I can tell (without examples to try them on) they still work. I at least find they create “~/people” and “~/people/Contacts” if they are run.

There is at least some interest, as this thread shows. If you are unlikely to do much development on it, it’d be easier to maintain at HaikuArchives. It’s also more visible there and may inspire people to work on it or e.g. integrate with MrPeeps or something.

It’s just the bins. Installation works here, but for some reason the system suggests having to reboot…

There are Person files in the DemoPackage_Data [50 MiB]. Here’s a zip of just the Person files in it:

I don’t have any vcards…

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We should add vcard import/export capability to the People app, either using parts of @Pete `s code (if he is OK with that) or writing it from scratch.

You can export contacts in vcard (.vcf) format from the contacts apps on iOS and most Android devices.