Unless DVD is corrupted - it does matter. There may be bugs, that can be fixed.


Here I leave a 1-week link to the DVD’s dump.


You would need to verify the checksum of the DVD directly to detect any meaningful corruption. Otherwise it’s hard to tell if corruption was inherent in the DVD, or if it was caused in copying the DVD to the file you uploaded, or if it was caused while compressing or decompressing, or if it was caused while uploading and downloading to the server or during storage on the server.

@PulkoMandy, do you have an image checksum that can be used to verify the DVD?


The DVD was mastered from the ISO image everyone can download on the website. I don’t think the mastering process changes the checksum. I may be able to check tomorrow during FOSDEM.


My theory about this issue may be specific to the machine this time or maybe could be something else.

In any case, I am very grateful with you. I don’t want to make a snowball with this topic. As I said, it may be just an isolated case.


At least I installed from the DVD with no problems, and I imagine others did also, so I don’t think all the DVDs are bad, anyway.


I never did get to say thanks for the Beta DVD! Before I forget again, thank you to @PulkoMandy for shipping a copy! It arrived safe and sound, and I look forward to doing a YouTube video on installing it soon!