Hi there,

After some delays, recovery of the artwork from 2012 archives, and waiting for the manufacturer, it is now possible to buy Haiku DVDs!

Picture of the DVD and cover:

These are professional pressed DVDs (not DVD-R) so they should last for a long time (they were manufactured by Duplicaprint). I will be handlind the logistics and shipping. Only the 32bit version is available.

We’re going to offer them at “name your price”. Just so you know, the unit cost is 0.57€, but we need to add shipping and packaging costs to get the disks to you safely. So I think a fair price would be 3 to 5€ depending on how far we need to ship. You can of course donate more, and once I covered the manufacturing costs, anything extra will be given back to Haiku inc.

Shipping costs for up to 3 disks:

  • To France: €1.60
  • To Europe and USA: €2.60

For 4 disks:

  • To Europe and USA: €6.5

So the process is as follows:

  • Give me your shipping address and paypal id (use e-mail or forum private message),
  • Send the money to my Paypal account (
    (if Paypal isn’t suitable for you, contact me and we’ll find some other way).

We will also be selling these at conferences, we started at the Capitole du Libre this weekend, and will have them available at FOSDEM (Belgium) and JDLL (France) next. If you are organizing an event about Haiku and would like to have some CDs, I can ship a larger number to you as well.


Hey, there are no bugs crawling under the leaves… :slight_smile:
Chalk me up for one. PM follows.

Oh, you may want to clarify that it’s the 32bit version (right?).

Yes, I forgot to mention that. I went with 32bit as that’s the place where you’re most likely to actually need a DVD. Now I can test the release on some of my machines where USB boot seems flaky at best :smiley:

I had to order a rather large number of DVDs to get quality pressed DVDs and not just DVD-R, which means it is unreasonable to have both 32 and 64bit versions.

And no, no bugs this time. But the artwork repo is up so you can start playing with the Wonderbrush files and prepare something nice for beta2?

Ah nice… where to find them?

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There’s still some time until then. :slight_smile:
One thing though: It’d be great if you could add a text file along the WonderBrush files that lists the used fonts (maybe including their download URLs if possible). Otherwise editing will become difficult.
Edited: or add a layer in the file where you put that info…

Can you ship to the US?

Yes, of course.

can you ship to Australia or Holland? Dubai is out of the question as we dont have mail boxes at our houses. :smiley:

Yes, Holland is probably cheaper and safer (stays in europe)

For Dubai you can do a poste restante and pick up your post at the post office…
just ask there!

Lol yeah if I wanna spend a whole day in Karama, not! I’d rather put a bullet in my head.
Cheers though. :wink:

Sounds great Pulk, what’s the PayPal addy?

I added it to the first post already :slight_smile:

A pity. I wanted a 64bit version for the same reason as you, using it for boot too. I may think about getting the 32bit anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


@PulkoMandy: Hey, if Haiku Inc. sends you some more stickers, you could add one in each package.

Yes, stickers will be included. I don’t need help from Haiku inc for that, I printed the stickers :slight_smile: and mmu_man gave some back to me at Capitole du Libre.

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Definitely interested in a disc! :slight_smile: Just curious, though… I noticed you use GMail, (and I use it on the side as well). Would using Google Wallet work, or does it need to be PayPal? Thanks!

I’m not familiar with Google Wallet. I can look into how it works, I guess.