Also, if you set up some donation button / custom html pay button in paypal payments, the payer gives you the paypal postal address when paying (even in international payments). May not be the same address that’s wanted as destination but giving out address is a step that may be skipped with this.

Btw, i think that if you do ^ this ^ or you do transfers among users with paypal you may incur in fees of about 0.30$/€ handled by paypal internally (meaning if someone donates 10$ you would receive 9.70).

There’are not much better options tho, i checked em for another opensource project as $$$ receiver.

It would be great if someone official from Haiku inc was handling this, they have the proper setup for it (or at least they had back in 2012), but they didn’t so I’m filling the gap.

I will refund myself on the DVDs and then send any extra money to the inc.

Hmm… some euros for Haiku themed coaster…

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The first batch of disks was shipped today, which means we now have some data on shipping costs.

To the USA: €2.60
To Europe: €2.40
To France: €1.60

Please consider this when ordering so that we don’t lose money when shipping to you.


Hey, never did hear back on the Google Wallet thing. Will this work, or will I need to use PayPal? I really am thinking of getting a disc when the next batch is ready.

Well, let’s try it and see what happens. It looks like I have an account created as I purchased things on the Google Play Store anyways, but I don’t see how I can receive money on it. I guess you can initiate a transfer and I’ll find a way to recover the money somehow :slight_smile:

Looks like great stuff for the price. Low shipping cost to Euro :thinking:. I may get one even if it’s 32B

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Thank you!



Sorry I was late in doing so, but I’ve finally decided to use PayPal and buy a disc. :slight_smile: Wishing you and the Haiku Project a happy New Year! :smiley:

Heh, an Alpha 1 disc in a Beta 1 sleeve?

A side by side comparison of the alpha1 CD with the beta1 sleeve :slight_smile:

Makes perfect sense :slightly_smiling_face:

I already sent you a donation in two parts (sounds absurd, I know).
Just a question, are the B1 discs having the Alpha1 printing as in the picture too?

No, that is an actual alpha 1 disc. The beta 1 disk is of course labelled correctly :slight_smile:

On 1st of january the shipping costs to Europe have increased. The first message was updated to reflect this.

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Sorry I got some people confused with the picture, the Beta 1 disc was still in the sleeve, I hadn’t opened it by then, I’ll take another one at some point.

I am happy to receive the Beta1 Installation DVD. It came today to my house doors.
Oddly enough, my T430 is unable to boot the disc :frowning:
But who cares? :smiley: As soon as I have more money, I will donate more euros for the cause :slight_smile:

Merci! Big hugs from Chile!


What happens? (Does Haiku boot from any other medium?)

It doesn’t matter. As told before, I just want to contribute with the community.

… well, USB sticks worked with my PC before. I gonna test the DVD onto my 2004 ThinkCentre tomorrow.

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Don’t forget that that testing and reporting on problems is a great way to contribute.