BeOS 5 PE software archive


I think it is worth add Haiku (with src) to the archive.
Can I also add to the archive haiku homepage archive (snapshot)?


How to download Haiku alpha 4.1 source code?


Latest Haiku hrev50562 nightly image is ok? not broken?


Have someone of you old owner’s contacts?


His account named kvdman still seems to be around on this forum, so you could try a direct message to that.


Ok, I found how:


it can be, of course, just do and say every man for what he published on a page itself is Responsible, but that’s not the case.

The site operator is liable for what it publishes, and therefore he would do well to give to its archived programs eight.

When the original authors ask and go get, this can demonstrate in writing on request, which is a completely different thing.

Illegal is not legal and illegal is not better as nothing to have. Respect is the right way.

Yes, it would be nice programs like GobeProductive, ePicture and many have other freely available, but please only with their consent. What would you think if your you decide after years would to offer again on the system your software and then to find out that your old non-free programs be freely distributed?


We live in different worlds, man. In my world, if you have nothing, you die! And I do not respect people who do not respect me, and do not matter who I am and who they are.

And if the owners of the programs ever decides to re-sell their products, we will be able to agree with them again. Although this process is very unlikely. These products are trash, the owners threw away it.
By the way, I will not be bound by the alien laws, with what I disagree, or with imposed by force agreement.
Owners threw away BeOS as well. What agreements?! People with great authority and power scrap agreements on a daily basis, but they want that others who are dependent on them to comply with those agreements blindly! It is wrong!


Supplement. This archive is a monument of honor to the people who created BeOS and its software. And also, it is a monument of shame, for those “owners” who threw it all away in the trash.


I think, that abandonware is a crime for software users.
I believe, that if some software is out of business it must go open source.
That is true law, because it wise, fair and just.


BeOS 5 PE software archive, version 2
size: 12 GB
files: 7130

How to update torrent:

  1. remove torrent from yours torrent client (without deleting data!);

  2. go to BEOS5PEWARE directory and delete foloving folders:

  3. in torrent client, open a new torrent file…

The application will check the existing data and starts to download the missing. If the application did not detect old data, it means you have to specify for the application where data are.


You’re entitled to your believes and opinions. Many probably disagree with them, I know I do. You can keep writing about it, and we can’t prevent you from sharing that torrent, but we can’t let you advertise it with a link in this forum.



Yeah, life is crazy thing.


No one cares. Attempts to stay “legal” when no one gives a damn about you are truly pathetic.


No one cares. Attempts to stay “legal” when no one gives a damn about you are truly pathetic.

The webmaster is responsible for the content of his website, so he must intervene here. Even if it is unlikely that someone is interested in the link, ultimately it is responsible.

Would be nice if this is noticed and lived here in the forum.

Finally, we call us a community


Why do you say “would be nice”? I thought the fact that we do prevent people from linking to downloads of commercial software is the reason damoklas and DioGen are cross with us.


As a general opinion to all others thought about it differently


Abandonware is not commercial software. No one makes money of it.


If someone does not want to send/download abandonware may unmark those files in torrent and not to download those files.
The person decides what legality is valid and what is not.
I would say, someone may try to ban the Internet, because something in it is illegal.
The world has more colors than black and white. Or just good and evil.


Sorry, lelldorin, I misunderstood.