BeOS 5 PE software archive

Introducing a comprehensive BeOS 5 PE software archive.

Applications are collected from various sources. Applications were sorted by function, for the user’s convenience. Archives files are checked. File names corrected.

I found those damaged or lost files (of course this is not an exhaustive list):

If anyone of you have these, please share. Also, if anyone has any software that are not included in the archive, please share.
Also, if anyone have any other suggestions on improvements of archive, please talk.

Applications included in the archive by compliance with the following guidelines:

  1. The software runs on BeOS 5 x86 (netserver or bone);
    a) the latest versions of the software;
    b) the latest stable versions of the software (as an exception, and sometimes the other versions of the software, if they are very different and useful…);
    c) BeOS 5 x86 software with source code;
  2. Software for other BeOS (PPC, old BeOS, dano, zeta) with source code;
  3. BeOS documentation.

This archive will be distributed as a torrent.

English is not my main language, please correct me.

For more information, here is archyve listing and a virtual archive:


Now size of the archyve is 8.9 GiB, 6137 files and 477 directories.

Some of those are on BeShare.

Oh, completely forgotten. Thank you. I will check.

Update v2


broken: (on beshare broken) (on beshare broken)

found part broken: (on beshare part broken) (on beshare part broken) (on beshare part broken) (on beshare part broken) (on beshare part broken) (on beshare part broken)

removed: (removed)
beyond.pdf (removed) (removed)

needed for bolitaire:

broken or lost:

You did a great job. Hopefully someone can find those broken packages and help your project - to the benefit of the whole BeOS community.

Thank you, just making the world better. Let Haiku OS takes its place in the world.

Let’s talk about this little bit.

Is this world need Haiku OS, and what its place in the world?

What OSes we have now, what produces them and to whom they are intended?

  1. Windows family. Large companies, large businesses. Closed source code as the basis. Open source code as a supplement.
  2. UNIX (Unix, Linux, BSD, Android …). Large companies, large businesses. Open source code as the basis. Closed source code as a supplement.
  3. Mac OS family. Large companies, large businesses. Closed source code as the basis. Open source code as a supplement. Better sleek Windows + Unix.
  4. There was BeOS… Which producers did not realize to what customers they produce their product…

So Haiku OS is targeting to take its predecessor’s place. Business laws require that the product would be needed for consumers, it must have a unique useful features. In other words, take a free niche in the economy. What is it? What characteristics must have Haiku OS? Which consumer, that OS designed for?

In my opinion, Haiku OS is designed for self-employment, individual and small business area. Software licensing policies should be more liberal - let the best Software win (no matter what the license). We should learn from the experience of more powerful OS, and blindly not copy the way they do their business. We have to find ours own, and better roads and ways of doing things. Only then Haiku OS will be needed for the world and ourselves.
Haiku OS can become a real fourth alternative. What do we need?
The software for Haiku OS customer. Haiku OS should become a stable system. Haiku OS must support hardware easily accessible to the user.

Do not try Be different, Do not try think differently - Be whatever you want! Think yourself!

Could you post a torrent or magnet link to your collection? Or do you want to wait till you update some of the broken packages before you torrent it?

Pulkomandy has probably the largest collection of old BeOS software

But it is unsorted, some of it is ppc-only, some of it is R3 or even older and won’t run. The only way to find out is to download and test. Please don’t grab the whole site in one go, Pulkomandy is a little touchy about people using up his limited bandwidth.

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My archive already includes Pulkomandy’s archive. (The above-mentioned sorting guidelines within.)
As I mentioned, I forgot Beshare, to be checked, there are additional things…
Also, maybe someone will add something new, must wait, a week or two. Certainly not too long.

There is also a file called “BeOS Collection” available on various torrent sites with quite a lot of software.

R4 staf. Pulkomandy have it. (… I think.)
…When I started to sort the archive was about 30GB. Many of duplicate files. Variations of file names. Some damaged files.

Here is the updated version (v3) of the archive (listings and virtual archive):

Hello community,

I’ve only now posted an enquiry in the Marketing forum, about the way our archiving system works. I’ll bookmark this page for further reading, done, subscribed, this is showing up under my personal settings subscriptions now, comprehend and makes sense, would appreciate a folder subfolder or tag classification of my subscriptions though, but not demanding anything as a newcomer to this community, most likely my expectation would turn our to be of no use if expressed as a headliner. Thanks for this list of links, are there more that you’d recommend, I’m happy and glad to study.

Why’s BeOS Max not working after download, none of my download checksums are correct, disregards of where I download, anyone of you experts got experience with this issue, as of by browsing this forum’s entries that’s what we’re heading to by the first look of it. Many thanks.

[quote=damoklas]Update v2

broken or lost:

I did this port long, long ago, so my copies should be good. (Is it just missing, or is there something wrong with the zip?) There is also a user package with the executable.

I’ve put these up on BeShare if you want to grab them. (My machine is mostly online ~1900UTC to ~0700UTC).

You can also find them on my site:
Most everything I wrote for BeOS (and even Haiku) – some of it thoroughly obsolete-- is available there, if you want to browse for anything else you might need.

A sourceforge/savannah mirror for sources would be great, IMHO (and may attract devs).

There’s already Haiku Software Archives @ GitHub:

Thank you.

I upgraded from PETE archive.
I will check with “Haiku Software Archives”.

Now I am dealing with of what’s new downloaded from Beshare. Good to find new and interesting software, newer versions, source codes… It will take several days.


I decided to unify the style of file names in the archive:

“-” Indicates the spacing between words.
"_" Separates the additional information about the file.

Also, I have decided to review the whole archive and tag all files with the source code and incompatible with BeOS PE code.

Also, the archive is still under improvement. Improving sorting.

So there is still time to add something new, or forgotten, or lost…

Maybe someone has a complete old Space Girl 3d game for BeOS?

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This was released open source under the name “No Gravity”. I tried to build it for haiku, however it relies on a part of the beos api for opengl that has not been implemented on haiku. You could probably work around this, but I don’t have the time. You can probably play it on windows/linux though, as it was also ported there.

EDIT: Also, demo binaries are here: romuald genevois - graphiste freelance - graphiste indépendant - créatif - internet flash livre affiche cdrom livret couverture charte scénographie vidéo packaging édition clip concept free lance

Even for DOS and mac OS 7/8! Note the site is a very old flash one. I did a right click zoom in or it was teeny tiny on my screen.

EDIT2: scratch that, the links don’t work :frowning:

I know about “No Gravity”, you also can play it on BeOS r5.1 dano or Zeta (r6).
However, maybe someone has a complete version of the old game (for BeOS r4, r4.5, r5?), or maybe working data files from old Space Girl Windows version (if they work with the BeOS demo game binary).