Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2024)

Wow, this looks rather useful! Would you consider adding a way to have multiple find-and-replace strings set?

For a reference, this is how the feature looks like in KRename:

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That looks more like something that should „just“ open if you choose rename on severall files at once in the default install : )


That would allow for completely automatic batch renaming. I think something like this could be useful, however, not very often. I might accept patches for this one, though. I’d think something like this would make more sense in the CLI.

In any case, I would find it much more important to be able to store rename configurations for future reuse. It currently only stores the last one which makes it not that convenient.


New in the Depot, Arianna a KDE epub reader:

By @3dEyes Qt-Creator 13.0.0 (with the big update on Qt6 to 6.7.0)


Windows has a very nice PowerToy that does exactly this… I don’t use it all the time but when I do its a life saver.

I have published the package for GrafX2 v2.9.

GrafX2 is a pixel art editor. It started its life in 1996 on MS-DOS. Back in 2007, I couldn’t find a good pixel art editor for Linux (this was before I started using/contributing to Haiku), so I took GrafX2 sources (that the authors had publised in 2001 when stopping work on the project) and ported it to Linux and SDL (and also to big endian machines as I was using a PowerPC system back then).

Releases are not done very often because there is not much left to improve in it after all those years. However, there were a number of bugfixes, library updates, and some improvements in better support of C64, CPC, Apple IIgs and Atari TT picture formats.



Updated stress-ng to the latest version atm 0.17.08, quick check seems to be fine :slight_smile:

~> stress-ng --cpu 4 --vm 2 --hdd 1 --fork 8 --timeout 2m --metrics
stress-ng: info:  [68602] setting to a 2 mins, 0 secs run per stressor
stress-ng: info:  [68602] dispatching hogs: 4 cpu, 2 vm, 1 hdd, 8 fork
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] stressor       bogo ops real time  usr time  sys time   bogo ops/s     bogo ops/s CPU used per       RSS Max
stress-ng: metrc: [68602]                           (secs)    (secs)    (secs)   (real time) (usr+sys time) instance (%)          (KB)
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] cpu              635537    120.00    469.11     10.79      5296.10        1324.32        99.98             0
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] vm              1535302    120.01    228.73      9.36     12793.30        6448.46        99.20             0
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] hdd             1809970    120.04     49.59     58.87     15078.36       16687.20        90.36             0
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] fork             329031    120.00     43.73    314.72      2741.85         917.93        37.34             0
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] miscellaneous metrics:
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] hdd                    0.00 MB/sec read rate (harmonic mean of 1 instance)
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] hdd                 1975.36 MB/sec write rate (harmonic mean of 1 instance)
stress-ng: metrc: [68602] hdd                 1975.36 MB/sec read/write combined rate (harmonic mean of 1 instance)
stress-ng: info:  [68602] skipped: 0
stress-ng: info:  [68602] passed: 15: cpu (4) vm (2) hdd (1) fork (8)
stress-ng: info:  [68602] failed: 0
stress-ng: info:  [68602] metrics untrustworthy: 0
stress-ng: info:  [68602] successful run completed in 2 mins, 0.04 secs
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I have published version 1.26 of the Renga XMPP client.

XMPP is a messaging protocol that is in particular used for chat/instant messaging. Renga is a fork of the Jabber4BeOS client and uses the gloox library as a backend to implement XMPP features.

This new release includes:

  • Several crash fixes found after the previous version was released and tested by more than 1 person (me)
  • An update for the latest version of libcss (this makes XHTML-IM styling work again, in particular this is used by the IRC bridge for converting IRC colors)
  • Fix highlighing of nickname when there is no “reference” in the message (in this case we just detect the nickname is present in the message)
  • Improve the size of the split views on the left and right of the main window
  • Implement XEP-0368 which allows to speed up the connection to the server by directly using TLS (instead of STARTTLS on a clear connection initially)

This XEP was the last missing one for XMPP “core compliance advanced client” level. The next level will be “core IM basic client”, which means mainly improvements in the multi-user chat (group chat) handling: nickname conflicts, moderation tools, setting room topics, inviting users, … as well as allowing sharing images and other files by HTTP file uploads to the XMPP server. That’s on the TODO list for next time I decide to work on it.


markdownpart, a plugin to display *.md files in Kate (and a few others there that can make use of it) while you are editing them.


Great work, but it is still not in HaikuDepot yet!
A nice icon would be great to have, anyone good in designing?

It’s in HaikuDepot since a long time, actually:!/pkg/batchrename/haikuports/haikuports_x86_64/0/2/0/-/1/x86_64 (there is a 32bit version as well).

I’ve installed it from there already shortly after the recipe got merged.
But an icon would be nice, indeed :slight_smile:


Ah, ok I see, I installed it a month ago and forgot that it is called:


in HaikuDepot, that way I could not find it!
But why I could not find it using “rename” in HaikuDepot search-bar?

Thank you very much for your great apps!

Let me guess. You fired up HaikuDepot and typed search pattern before it ended to refresh depots…

I know @zuMi is good at this?

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