Announcement: Haiku Media Editor - R1.0.0, Beta 1

Maybe few ideas to pick here (Wondershare Filmora) for next version.
To change language change .com in .fr or .de, I didn’t try the others.
Or maybe there (VSDC Video Editor).

Out of curiosity: where the name “Medo” come from?

For Russian ear this name sounds as “Made with honey” (rus. medov-yj/aya/oe).

Haiku is inspired by bee. That’s seem logical to find honey somewhere. :laughing:
I would bet on killer bee, that would explain fear (see the other thread) also.

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He, Zenja explained itself somewhere here on the community site.
It means Bear in Hungarian language. Hope I am right.

*Slavic languages

In fact, that makes sense.
So far, the story of the word must be read from East to West.
At the base it’s something made from honey. Then people say “Hey, where there’s honey come bears” and next think “Bears!!!” and start running.
Is there someone to collect all meanings to make a promotion video and to tell us the full story? :rofl:

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