Announcement: Haiku Media Editor - R1.0.0, Beta 1

It is my pleasure to announce the initial release of Medo, a modern Media Editor built exclusively for Haiku OS. Medo allows customisation using OpenGL based GLSL plugins, and allows 3rd party developers to create dynamically loaded Addons and Plugins.


There are many bundled media effects, including:

  • Colour grading effects (Saturation/Exposure/Temperature etc)
  • Colour correction curves and white balance.
  • Support for Adobe LUT (Look Up Tables)
  • Create masks and keyframes
  • Several bundled transitions
  • Several special effects (Blur, Night Vision, Chroma Key etc)
  • Spatial tools to transform media (scale/rotate/position/crop)
  • Multiple text effects, including 3D extruded fonts.
  • Audio effects (20 band equaliser, fade)

Medo can edit UHD 4K videos, export to any Haiku supported codec, is optimised for many CPU-core systems, and has low system resource requirements. Medo is multilingual (currently supports 10 user languages), and is themable. The Medo.HPKG (Haiku package file) can fit on a floppy disk with no external dependancies other than what ships with a default Haiku release (it’s less than 1.44Mb).


We’re working on creating a HaikuPorts recipe which will allow the Package to show up in Haiku Depot, until that is ready, I have created a precompiled binary package which is available from the following download location :

Haiku x86_64 package:

64 bit only, since I’m using a C++17 Actor framework which will not work on older compilers. Also, the RAM requirements for HD video editing is expected to be high (eg. 1 second of 1920x1080@30fps video consumes 240Mb of RAM, which limits users to only 6 seconds of cached video for scrubbing). With UHD 4K videos, the requirements are quadrupled. 64-bit is the only supported option.

The source code is licensed under MIT open source license, and the repository is on GitHub:

The release source has been tagged (R1.0.0-Beta1-1), and is available from the following link:

This is the first Beta, there are many known issues, and of course many unknown issues. Please report any issues on the GitHub page, or email me directly (solaja AMPERSAND gmail DOT com).

A wonderful Christmas 2020 present for the die-hard Haiku community.


Multilingual screenshot:


The 1.27Mb package includes support for English, Russian, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, German and Indonesian languages. Supports both Hi-DPI screens and legacy HD screens :slight_smile:


@Zenja Congrats on the release!

Maybe you could post this on the blog too, just to help spread the news. Instructions for making a new blog for a new user and making a new post can be found in the website repo on Github.


thank you very much @Zenja for the application…
i’m really appreciated it… :+1: :+1: :+1:

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You really did it before Xmas! Congrats! :smile:

The linked HPKG seems to be corrupt though. HaikuDepot says “Failed to parse package file: Bad data”. The sha256 of the downloaded file is 9bbec08acc2df2ab2e9f87c81671eea48853599bdfed12f802209a1cb0a1282c

Hi humdinger.
You’re right, the file transfer got corrupted, I uploaded it again and verified that it works from another PC. Can you please try again?

That one works. Thanks for the quick fix!

Congratulations on the release @Zenja !

Just a quick note about building the application. On my nearly fresh installed nightly I had to install the following packages to get the application to build:

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A Beta test is great. I just received a bug report that the settings file wont save if there is no directory called ~/config/settings/Medo. So to test the different languages/themes, you first need to manually create a directory called ~/config/settings/Medo. During testing I always had that directory so it always worked. This will be fixed in the next Beta. 1 down, 10^4 to go :slight_smile:


32bit Haiku supports gcc8, so that should be ok for it to, just need to use secondary architecture when you create the recipe (if need be there will be plenty around to assist you with that)

You were right on that one, when you wrote, some will frown their eyes I thought it would be HUGE :wink:

Thanks for this! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Glad to be a (little) part of the present…

…so (I’m) start(ing) promoting it NOW !

It suprised me as well, during development for the last 2 years, I always worked with debug builds which were 20Mb, and I only created the release build + package a couple of days ago, and it stunned me to see that the release package file size is 1.27Mb. The Haiku (BeAPI) obviously strikes the right balance between features/bloat.


As expected Google translation for French is sometimes quite funny.

As description of effects is often too long, I would show it only as tooltip but I would add it on top on the effect window.

It needs better icons for syringe (colour picker) and chain (link).

Font selector is quite good and simple.
I’d like to see something like that in Haiku apps like StyledEdit maybe with a smaller preview.

Overall, for a beta version, it’s quite impressive. Congrats

I´ve tried compiling it under 32bit Haiku (with setarch x86 of course :wink: ). There are some compile errors, the usual int conversion stuff mostly. I could have a go at it but I´m not sure it is worth the effort because of the memory consumption issues @zenja pointed out.

Same here, checked a build with jam and cmake, some errors (could be fixed maybe), will try to post a buildlog (pastebin or somewhere), or you can if you still have it (building llvm atm so wont be so soon) :slight_smile:

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Looking at the jamfile (same thing for the CMakeList.txt file), these paths should include secondary architecture for 32bit (not checked) :slight_smile:

C++FLAGS += -I/boot/system/develop/headers/freetype2 ;

For fun I checked size of other videos editors on a Mageia 7.1.
Avidemux 2.7.3 CLI: 2014 Ko, CLI-plugins: 193 Ko Qt: 3121 Ko, Qt-plugins: 6906 Ko, Libs: 10040 Ko
ffDiaporama 2.1.9 dev App: 24419 Ko
Kdenlive 19.04.0 App: 61210 Ko
LiVES 2.10.2 App: 8542 Ko, Libs: 146 Ko
Olive 0.0-1 App: 2297 Ko
OpenShot 2.4.4 (python3,Qt5) App: 104385 Ko
pitivi 0.999 App: 9143 Ko
Shotcut 19.09.14 App: 13867 Ko
And, it is without counting dependencies…
To be honest, some are already mature projects and are offering more, others don’t have exactly same goals but they are all bigger.
If you have to make the code two lines heavier to fix a bug or polish interface, don’t worry, you have a good margin. :smiley:

An alternative to Google Translate (was recommended to me by a French):
Both have their strengths and weaknesses - so compare!

@Zenja Thank you for your hard work and for supporting Haiku and the community! Do you have a PayPal account for donations?

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Initial patch for 32bit support:

But eventually I hit an internal compiler error.