Accessing Haiku shares from other OS's?

What options haiku has to offer in this area?

SSH: the Best
ftp: too unsecure
BeServed: maybe in Haikuarchives
Samba: doesn’t worked for me, maybe you have more luck.

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I use SSH too and I do so with Linux as well.

Is sftp available on Haiku?

You can also use BeShare and its counterparts for windows / Linux.

If you want to exchange data between several PC data you can also start a MUSCLE server and then use BeShare/JavaShare/Ozone to share the data.

And you can use poorman

SSH means CLI only
ftp has always been a miss & hit for me but more like miss than hit.
Is there any simple gui frontend for samba that can get me started, don’t get wrong i do use CLI alot but i know when to comes to Samba it can be very frustrating.
i’ve never used Beserved before (even though i am an old beos user) how does it work anyway?

Many FTP clients. Well actually only one that I know, FileZilla, can do SFTP (SSH).

See also FuseSMB.

Fusesmb didn’t work for me and there isn’t much you can do to make it work.
Filezilla+ssh maybe an option, but i might just take the hard way and dive into CLI with samba, we’ll see.

Doesn’t that use FUSE which allows mounting of pseudo-file systems?

Well, no luck with Samba either, it seems it doesn’t even work, no wonder fusesmb didn’t work for me!
just when i ran smbd from terminal i got the following error:

runtime_loader: /boot/system/bin/smbd: Could not map image: Out of memory

Anyone seen this before?

The name suggests as much. I’m not familiar with the internals, but it’s all open source and easily researched.

SSH means CLI only

I’ve just tried this with sshfs, and it works just fine. It isn’t CLI only: once mounted, you can access the share from any software (GUI or CLI).

I found I needed to change/add some options in /system/settings/ssh/sshd_config (on the haiku box):

PermitRootLogin yes
SubSystem sftp /system/lib/openssh/sftp-server

Also you need to set a password on haiku by running passwd from the terminal.

Doesn’t haiku also have nfsv4? Or is that client only?

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Did you do that from windows box?

No, it was with a linux box. But it should work with e.g. and windows, I’ve had people connect to shares from windows using that before. It will map the share as a local drive letter.

Edit: Also, note that the username to connect to haiku with is “user”

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This is incredibly useful. Thank you very much!

I use to access Haiku via SFTP and it works fine.

I’m having trouble with both of those apps, i keep getting authentication error, i have no clue as to what is going wrong?

Have you set a password by running “passwd” in a Terminal and logged in using “user@ip-address”?

Well, i think it’s a wifi problem, even ping sometimes it goes thruogh but most of the time it doesn’t, yes i don’t have a wired network at home, Damn wifi.

Did you make the changes to /system/settings/ssh/sshd_config as mentioned in my post? You need to restart the sshd service afterwards, on my machine (bit of an old hrev to be fair) this doesn’t work from the Network preflet so I do it manually, but the easiest way might be to reboot the haiku machine.

Note, this line is a new one you need to add:
PermitRootLogin yes

And this one needs to be modified from the default in the file:
SubSystem sftp /system/lib/openssh/sftp-server

Yes i did, but as i mentioned in my last reply i have some interferences in my wifi , it does that even between 2 win machines[quote=“Munchausen, post:19, topic:5670”]
Note, this line is a new one you need to add:PermitRootLogin yes

Yes i figured that much thank you for your help.