Youtube is buggy

Hi, i have a problem. When i open Youtube, it goes crazy. I am using Haiku in VM, it’s a good OS. But i can’t watch videos properly. Crazy loading icon, bad video quality and sluggish experience.
And after few minutes, the kernel went crazy:
VirtualBox_react os_27_03_2021_13_09_48

That is a known problem with WebPositive (Web+)!
It will work with Haiku Beta3…
Try with Qmplay2 to watch YouTube!


That’s not the kernel, its the app_server, please report issues to they are no good here.

Thanks for your help, it worked.

Sorry, my bad. Thanks for showing my mistake.

Can you type bt command next time when it happens?

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after typing “bt” (backtrace) what to do next?
Make a picture/foto? Or can it be stored or saved anyhow?

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Yes. Topic author seems to use virtual machine so it is not difficult.

Yes, i have a screenshot:
VirtualBox_react os_27_03_2021_13_08_36
Note: Actually video quality is bad however screenshot has low resolution.


VM graphics with YouTube going is not good (or at in my experience with it on Haiku)… try lowering the quality on yt down to 480p and assign more memory to the VM; that might help it play smoother without panicking

I maximized the memory but it’s still sluggish and buggy. (2 GB of RAM and 128 MB of VRAM) And it’s resolution is 360p. And i can’t set options.

There are problems with yourube and other vide streams in WebPositive. There is nothing you can do, maybe write a ticket about it, but maybe there is already one.
Try to download the videos with youtube downloader and watch them with mediaplayer or vlc as a workaround for now.

You have to wait for the Haiku Beta 3…
so use Qmplay2 for watching Youtube media…

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Another vote for Qmplay2 here, it’s buttery smooth. The only downside (if you care about that, anyway) is that subtitles do not work.

Otter browser work fine!


It’s still slow on me and videos even don’t play. It says ‘No internet connection’:
VirtualBox_react os_28_03_2021_13_15_36

What version of Haiku are you using?

I’m using the Beta 2/R1 version.

Before somebody recommend you to switch to nightly: youtube playback broken on nightlys too.

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55022 64 bit
Otter Browser MSE
repo LOTE
Adding: pkgman add-repo
Removing: pkgman drop-repo “LOTE”