Workarounds with CLI programs

I wanted to make a thread, where we can share which programs we use under Haiku, in case there is no native application available[1]

I’m not a fan of doing everything in a browser, and I prefer Haikus way of using dedicated tools to finish my job.

So let’s start with mastodon. There are some CLI programs out there like: GitHub - ihabunek/toot: toot - Mastodon CLI & TUI
(I didn’t find the time to test this one out yet…)

But the one I tried and I’m using is: martianh/mastodon.el: Emacs client for Mastodon - mastodon.el -
It’s an extension for emacs and it works really well under Haiku!

The only downside I see so far, is that it is for the use with emacs. So if one is not familiar with this editor, it can be a bit hard to setup.

Hope this thread grows with more interesting tools which can be used as “workarounds” in case we don’t have native programs available. And I hope this makes Haiku usable for the people who say “But I cant use it without X” :slight_smile:


[1]Got the idea when reading @zuMi thread where he presented some nice icons (Just some icons - #11 by Begasus)


I find that mastodon works great in Epiphany. There’s also a qt-based mastodon client that can be built and made to work, however I don’t remember which one it is.

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I know this is offtopic but there are two mastodon clients built by the KDE community
First there is Choqok which originally was a StatusNet client (Gnu Social, Frendica) but recently support for the mastodon protocol was added
And since relatively recently there is Tokodon a mastodon client which is part of Plasma Mobile, but can run on the desktop as well