Wondering about clouds

… and network file sharing.

I was just wondering if there’s a network protocol that supports BFS file attributes, on wich Haiku can rely its file sharing between Haiku’s machines. I found annoying zipping a file (or more) and send it through conventional methods.
Am I missing some “features”?

Having this feature implemented means a native cloud storage or sharing a remote drive. It would be nice to install Haiku restoring a session with all its attributes.

The remote drive need to be bfs

But i down know if there is a way to do share between network on this way.

But you can use BeShare.

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Does BeShare handle BFS attributes?

Yep, and the muscle server is super easy to manage at home


Great, Thank you so much

Look this tutorial for muscle setup


You opened me a world _ there’s also python example code on web!

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this book have examples, they are all running on haiku

Making Games with Python & Pygame (inventwithpython.com)

Sooo nice! Something new to study :smiley:


Binky’s! :smiley: Long time no see :wink:


I hope to see the community again on beshare :wink:

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Most of us long term users are on IRC now :slight_smile:

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Fiulano? :smiley: la traduzione che hai fatto è mitica!

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Ci starebbe bene un bel serverino italiano :wink:

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Are there any active servers that still run Muscle?


Thanks! I tried it out.

However, the https://github.com/jfriesne/muscle repo shows a much newer version of the protocol server than HaikuDepot shows. Is the protocol the same today in version 9.0.1 as it was back in version 6?


I’ll have to see if the new version builds. I’ll try it later on.

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The latest package is at Fat Elk Software

Haiku ships with NetFS which does just that. Perfect for server-less local file sharing like Windows does with SMB or Linux with NFS.

We also have some support for NFS with attributes, but I think it is incompatible with Linux NFS servers (so the server would have to run Solaris, probably?)

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Ah!!! Oh boy!!!
I thought that NetFS was NFS! What a trick in my mind!
Thank you for exposing this to me!