Wondering about clouds

That’s interesting about Haiku+NFS with attributes, any resources you could point to for more information on it?

I don’t remember the details, probably in the GSoC blog posts from when the NFSv4 client was written, which you can find here: Paweł Dziepak's blog | Haiku Project

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What do we have, if anything, that could store bookmarks and someday passwords in a private server with end to end encryption? I’m looking to de-Google and de-Mozilla my browser sync. If it works for calendar events too, that would be an added bonus.

Haiku doesn’t shop with NetFS, one has to add it, and it is currently useless as one cannot share between 32 and 64 bit systems.

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It would be interesting to find a filesystem that supports Haiku’s extended attributes, in order to create a cloud, i.e. Owncloud, so users could have the files in their own cloud without loosing the attributes.

Or, just thinking aloud, add a BeFS partition to the server that hosts the cloud to store Haiku stuff? (thinking on a Linux server, commandline only). Though I presume that wouldn’t be that easy to achieve as, afaik, BeFS support on Linux is just readonly.

Or, just thinking aloud again, is there any filesystem besides BeFS that supports BeFS attributes?

Ideally I would like to have my own Owncloud, and be able to use it with Haiku and Linux as well.



Did you have a look at EteSync already? https://www.etesync.com It’s end to end encrypted and open-source so that you can host it on an own server. Currently it supports only Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes, but I think support for other types of data like Bookmarks can be added rather easily. That’s the most secure solution that I know of, and probably the only one I’d even trust for highly sensible data like Passwords.

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I’ve starred it on GitHub now.