Who is working on native apps for Haiku?

Inquiring minds like myself want to know.

… i see some people working on it
like @Zenja working on medo… Video editor 'Medo', WIP screenshots
@adamfowleruk working on paladin Paladin IDE release and next version plans


Yab and any yab app are native

lorglas and bbjimmy working on yab

Besly Team (lorglas and me) working on:

Playground editor
yabDevelopment Studio
and much more



Working on https://ace.cpcscene.net (Amstrad CPC 8bit computer emulator/debugger), technically it’s a port, but I’m rewriting a lot of the code to have a native user interface and proper integration with the OS.

I have some other projects as well, such as https://github.com/haikuarchives/renga (XMPP client, that I hope will someday replace Vision and IRC) and some other ideas in mind but there’s only so much I can manage at the same time.


STLover - Simple STL Viewer
Simple native viewer for STL files (3d models for printing for ex.)


If by working you mean making a mess, and if by saying app you mean bloody rubbish, yes, I’m in it


I’ve been working on-and-off on an atom/rss feed daemon. The goal’s to be kinda like the mail daemon-- it just spits out new feed entries into ~/feeds/ as HTML (with extra metadata attributes set).

The real problem I’ve been having is getting a proper GUI working to configure it, instead of using cli-- no dice yet lol.


10/10, would use!

I was trying to reuse a old (2005 circa) script to dowload feeds and showing them using notify, it was made to use InfoPopper and it worked flawlessly as I can remember , IP is the source of notify I think, but somehow this doesn’t work as expected

I can’t open the feed URL on click, I tried --onClickApp with “text/html”, W+ app signature and open, nothing works, progress doesn’t work, icon doesn’t work

notify --group “$CHANNEL_TITLE” --title “$FEED_TITLE” “$FEED_DESCRIPTION”
–onClickApp “open” --onClickArgv “$FEED_LINK” --timeout “$TIMEOUT”
–icon “$LOCAL_PATH/rss.gif” --messageID “$CHANNEL_DIR” --type progress --progress “$PROGRESS_RATIO”

Is it my fault or have I to submit a bug ticket?

I played around a little…

  • Try putting"$FEED_DESCRIPTION” as last argument.
  • Use application/x-vnd.Haiku-WebPositive as onClickApp.
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I can use that in my work. My files get converted to STL, but I never see the mistakes until I do the printing.

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If I remember well bepodder does something similar, feed items are stored in the filesystem as singular files, description text is not stored as html but is stripped and saved as a attribute ( dunno why it’s not as a content of the file), i think it’s been open sourced so you can give it a look for your project

Perfect, it works this way, obviously that was my fault due my unorthodox syntax, btw text/html works too on onclickapp so it will open the preferred http handler

It’s simple native gui for admesh utility/library - Haiku Depot Server
You can use commandline tools admesh as repair and converter for your STL models.
PS: in my plans to add the functionality: add the ability to export to other formats (dxf, ascii stl, bin stl, vrml); display object boundaries; coordinate plane.

Very nice zuMi!

I wonder if I should move your post into a new thread “Scripts + Haiku features = useful tools”.
Borborygmus isn’t exactly a native app, but maybe even better, an example for non-coding users what’s possible and a basis to explore themselves.

You’d have to edit the post to include the actual script(s), of course. :slight_smile:

Reading RSS is basically processing texts and managing files and it requires almost no computing power, therefore it is easily accomplished with standard shell scripts and tools, but doing it on haiku adds native tools like desklink, notify, addattr and query that make it belong only to our ecosystem

As for script sharing i will totally do this but i am still trying to achieve all this using just sed and awk, unfortunately some feeds are not well formatted so sometimes it doesn’t work as expected, if i can’t fix it i will switch to xsltproc but not it’s exactly a friendly tool, i was also trying to compile xmlstarlet but xml2config is missing so i have to compile this too, I guess; having a good xml parser also allows you to import / export opml and xmlstarlet, as well as having a simpler syntax than xsltproc, it also allows you to export to pyx format which is friendlier with sed, grep, awk etc etc.


Looking forward to it! Do create a new thread for that. Maybe preface the title with “Haiku script tip:” or something. It could become a series… :slight_smile:


I’m almost done. The program can export to STL (ascii and binary), DXF, OBJ, OFF, VRML. Perform operations with a 3D model: moving, rotating, resizing, mirroring. Repair model.


Maybe you could add STEP support ( https://github.com/stepcode/stepcode ), or other CAD format support trough OpenCascade (already ported). But in this case you would need a slicer library too.

I do not know, maybe.
Now I want a native 3d printer host program. For a slice, I can use curaengine (already ported).

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