Where can I found the list of donators?

Hello, under BeOS I was a little donator. Now I do the same help. But where can I found the listing?

There is a donate Button on the haiku site. And now something new is this forum post: Haiku developers on Liberapay

The donators used to be listed on haiku-inc.org (if they didn’t ask to remain anonymous) but it seems the new inc website does not include that information anymore.

CC @kallisti5.

Yeah, that list was manually formed and required a lot of manual legwork to determine if detonators wanted to be anonymous or not.

We really need a “opt-in to public reporting” button during the donation process… but it would require some infrastructure to do so.

The donation bar has been automated via a json documented hosted via an s3 bucket generated by https://github.com/haiku/donation_tracker to help simplify the process.

I think I might start a poll to determine how people want to donate :slight_smile:

Be careful, this sounds dangerous… :stuck_out_tongue:


That post happened pretty early in the morning :slight_smile:
Check out the poll I posted. I want to try and get an idea if we can do better with our donation processors.