Haiku developers on Liberapay

Hi there,

A friendly reminder that Liberapay is up and running again!

Liberapay is a donation platform so you can directly send money to developers to support their work on Haiku. Compared to patreon and other similar services, the main differences are:

  • No perks: you don’t get exclusive content for funding. In fact, funding people through Liberapay is anonymous, no one knows who you donate to.
  • No fees: Liberapay is an open source project and is self-funded, so you can donate to the project (for infrastructure costs) or developers working on it
  • Support for donating to teams: People can register as a team, then donations are spread between the team members as evenly as possible
  • Recurring donations: rather than one-shot donations, Liberapay encourages you to make a small weekly donation and reminds you to renew it regularly. The goal is to create a sustainable and reliable income source for people funded this way.

Liberapay processes payments using either Stripe or Paypal.

There is an Haiku “team” on Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/Haiku/
You can donate to the team (members then decide how to share the money), or to individual members.

You can also support several other projects and people on Liberapay.

If you would like to join the Haiku team there and receive a part of the donations, let us know. Of course you should have some contributions to Haiku, Haikuports, or other Haiku related software.