What to do with Haiku?

We all will wait and hope once again on Google summer of code starting Summer…
After this most work will be unfinished as all the years ago!
Why just make one short step but make it worth working on?

Get something to work with… only!
One program just working!
Which one?

Write a book with Haiku!
Edit your pictures with Haiku!
Create you sound with Haiku!
Make Videos with Haiku!
Teach with Haiku!
Design you Garden with Haiku!
Learn something with Haiku!
Make work faster with Haiku!
Impress you friends with Haiku!

So what?!

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it sounds a little unpatient, and i share that feeling a little, but now i am writing from webpositve and haiku is not just very near to the beta, it is very stable now, i compile godot engine and in my way to get a blender version too, is really impressive in this moment i just miss two things, the webcam drivers and video 3d drivers for me in the videogame design. i really thing to get a office suite working in this moment should not be so hard, but if you want edit your pictures you have a native program so good called wonderbrush, if you want to edit videos clockwerk, i f want design your garden you can program the arduino in haiku os, share and share the haiku os please on faceboot and other social nets :slight_smile: to get more help. this Os is very close to BetaR1


Again and again the same lyre, everyone always want to have but nobody does anything against it.

The Haiku developers create an “operating system” and do not create a “distribution” which is equipped with programs.

Yes, you can not make what you can do under windows or linux, but this is not the task of system developers, it must come from third.

I can not program c ++ and will probably never learn it because it is too complicated for me and I just can not think how it is expected.

If we could find more people who like to develop programs that work for a special system, that would be a big step.

The guys from gobe (gobeProductive) have shown that one can create something great with diligence and endurance. Also the guys of InSide (Constructor and Designer) have proven that one can make a software for a BeOS System good. Now, however, they are no longer active since the death of BeOS and their work has been lost.

We need more of it, but what would mean the Haiku has to be more usable for everyday life.

[quote=“cosmogatokat, post:2, topic:5510”]
This Os is very close to BetaR1[/quote]

I’ve been hearing that for years. This means that no one believes there any more. Unfortunately, the team behind Haiku has strongly embedded in credibility, which does not mean you are not doing a great job.

I am not a developer :slight_smile: and really thing haiku is surprising by now, i just help to show the os and try to gain users cause i am comunicator then i try to comunicat haiku os to the world, i know a little of c++ yes but is not enough to a Os, maybe to port a software (thats something i want to test soon) but i try haiku maybe one or two times in a year, i install it on a usb stick and play with it, and this year i have the feel that os is now very stable… there are many things not ended yet but men, they work until now on the most important things, printers and webcams driver are realtive easy to program when the os is almost working without any kernel panic and with a wifi conection. To me the most terrible lack in haiku are the 3d drivers but i understand it is a hard part. yeah people will not understand the level of haiku until they dont start to see real awesome uses, i reallly believe in haiku but i understand they are few person on this.

…just step back and concentrate on productivity… get that damn pdf translator to work and you have people out there using it and going to be productive!

PDF translator wanted badly! Print your product to PDF!

I don’t believe in a printer driver… Just to complicated and not needed!
Get your work saved as PDF, save it on your usb stick and then you can go out to a copy shop or print your work professional online! That’s it!

Create some work with Haiku… save it! Upload it… print it online… sell your product! That’s it!

BeProductive! Right now! No need to wait for something to happen after GSOC! No need to wait after Christmas no need to expect Haiku ready next year! Haiku is ready! Be ready to get productive!

do you have a fever? I do not understand what you mean or what you do with this post.

I will do nothing with this post… but you as user will!

Its almost April now! Thats it… summer is near!

??? So I still have not understood your contribution ???

Translated by google translate

I am a medium computer user. The Haiku just needs to be a stable system. You do not need many applications right now. Need a good browser, because almost everything I do online google docs or office microsoft. And I use the cloud to save my files because I do not trust any operating system. Already lose many documents, photos and files with Windowns, Linux Ubuntu and Mint.

Another thing I find very little didactic about the subjects covered, it seems that only those who use Haiku are programmers.

I see a very great potential of the Haiku for children and schools as it is a fun and colorful system.

I am still studying about Haiku and I already make it available to my small children as the only operating system.

We can not die on the beach, we have to cheer up and move on!
Good luck!

Sou um usuário mediano em informática. O Haiku precisa apenas ser um sistema estável. Não precisa de muitos aplicativos nesse momento. Precisa sim de um bom navegador, pois quase tudo eu faço online google docs ou office microsoft . E utilizo a nuvem pra guardar meus arquivos, pois não confio em nenhum sistema operacional. Já perdir muitos documentos, fotos e arquivos com o Windowns, Linux Ubuntu e Mint.
Outra coisa acho muito pouco didático os assuntos abordados, parece que só quem usa Haiku são programadores.
Vejo um potencial muito grande do Haiku para crianças e escolas, pois é um sistema divertido e colorido.
Ainda estou estudando sobre o Haiku e já disponibilizo para meus filhos pequenos como único sistema Operacional.
Não podemos morrer na praia, temos que nos animar e seguir em frente!
Boa Sorte!

I developed programs with yab. This is my main attraction with Haiku. I would use Haiku rather, if enough drivers are available.
I know to have hardware to get or to get is difficult and money intensive. Perhaps one can generate Google summer of code something, which makes Linux or FreeBSD portals and / or available to Haiku. Just as it has already happened for the W-Lan drivers. Maybe you can update them. The biggest problem is not necessarily, that no software is there, but the one Haiku in a VM must run must.

The biggest benefit I see in a development team for drivers that also provide a documentation, how drivers are programmed or what needs to be done to adapt them.
I would like to help to adapt drivers, since I have hardly C ++ experience, the documentation without documentation is very difficult. I would try with Corresponding Documentation.
Greeting Lorglas

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You do notice that Haiku comes with a PDF printer driver? You can just print out your documents to PDF as a file already. The translator would only be useful to load PDFs into applications that only support bitmap graphics.

Experiences seem to vary, see ticket #13313. Works for me in StyledEdit, BePDF, ShowImage and Terminal, doesn’t in Pe.

BTW, there’s also a PDFTranslator by 3deyes in HaikuDepot that allows opening PDFs in e.g. ShowImage or WonderBrush.
In ShowImage you can use Browse | Next/Previous page, WonderBrush, unfortunately, only shows the first page of the PDF, so you’ll have to save a page in ShowImage if you want to edit a specific one in WonderBrush.

how old is your Child? i create some games on haiku for my son (4 years old). it is at work.

simple games ready: pairs, dice counting, count of simbol selecting and uncomplete picture completing

boy of 5 and girl of 8.
But I have a problem because the haiku is not recognizing my wired network card.
And I’m not able to install .hpkg programs

I started to study haiku now, I started to read the tutorials and I hope to learn how to solve those problems soon.

[quote=“luick, post:16, topic:5510, full:true”]
But I have a problem because the haiku is not recognizing my wired network card.And I’m not able to install .hpkg programs[/quote]

You does not can install hpks because you have no network or you have an very old haiku build?

You can copy the hpkg on a usb stick to install it then on haiku.

Until you get a supported LAN card, you can download HPKGs in another OS at https://depot.haiku-os.org.

I’ve tried Haiku for a long time, about 5 years ago.
I downloaded Version: R1 / Alpha 4.1 this week.
I copied the packages to the Haiku.
I did as requested in the user guide, but could not install.
I also did not find pkgman

Saturday I’ll be with other network cards to test.

Intel® Core™ i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz × 4
3,8 GiB
graphics - Intel® Haswell

Haiku alpha 4.1 does not have package management. You need to use a nightly image from haiku to use pkgman (part of package management)