What office software are are available for HAIKU OS

My favorite office program was MS word 2000. Is they any program out they like it for Haiku OS or in the some type of programs in the works.

Gobe and oldie ports from little office suite

Which old office suits? They was only the suite by gobe GobeProcutive

ThinkFree Office 4

Just “Haiku”, please. Not “Haiku”. Thanks.


The only word program I have found is AbiWord on the software list for HAIKU.

ThinkFree Office:

I got you I got you… any way I do not see HAIKU on the list or am I missing something

http://fayloobmennik.cloud/6948983 thinkfree_office-4.0.1480-2-any.hpkg.zip

BTW why do you write Haiku in capitals? It’s not an acronym.

@korli, just check the HAIKU logo :slight_smile:

Well it’s stylized. See for instance Volvo - Wikipedia

There is an HPKG version too. https://depot.haiku-os.org/#!/?bcguid=bc1-BKIG&repos=clasqm&arch=x86_gcc2&viewcrttyp=ALL&srchexpr=thinkfr You’ll need both pakages. But it is a shareware product and I am not sure ThinkFree is even selling licenses for this ancient version any more.

It’s time to rally the troops and start coding the Gobe Productive replacement using it as pure inspiration.

It’s time to rally the troups and get the Beta release out. Then Haiku will be stable enough for larger development projects.


LibreOffice needs a Haiku port. It’s my office suite of choice across every OS I use that has it available
(which is, alas, only the “Big Three” (Windows, OS X, Linux) and the BSDs).

I also use MorphOS, the AmigaOS-like operating system for PPC Macs (I have a Mac Mini G4 running it),
and that also needs a LibreOffice port badly! :slight_smile:

Would porting the KDE office suite make a little more sense, since QT5 is well on the way to being ported to Haiku?

More sense is to have different office software available. Different people different needs. Lets win the best, it is good for all.


I still hope Scribus will even work better with QT5 so there will be no need for another office suite! At last for me.

Scribus is not an office suite I know. But it is much more powerful for an end user if used!

You have to open one! text frame only to get word processor functionality and more.

With Scribus you can create Books!
To write a letter with it should be possible then!

For me it is more important to get the Haiku Beta out! Nice to have package management if it works! If not it will work in the future!

@brunobastardi: Package management is embedded so deeply into Haiku development that there is absolutely no chance of a release that doesn’t have it. It would literally take months, maybe years to roll it back.

We don’t have an unpackaged base system with packaged user programs. Haiku itself is packaged and runs on little more than a stub loader.