What improvements do you want to see for Beta3?

Unrar probably have license issues so it can’t be included in Haiku distribution.

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You are correct. The license is non-free.

I’d love to see an adblocker or extensions for web+

@Therainingmonkey: I’d like to second that! WebPositive is a great browser, but an adblocker and some privacy extensions would be very welcome.
And since one can wish - how about a port of 32-bit LibreOffice? Currently LO is 64-bit only in Haiku. Or will the 32-bit version be included in Beta2?

Hmm LO seems available for x86_gcc2 already I think I recall installing it…

Yeah, unrar isn’t free but well it wouldn’t be the only thing not strictly free software we include. Anyway a more generic mechanism to propose the users to install the required tool would help in other cases.

Hello @BarefootMartina. That is not correct. Actually, LibreOffice is available in both: 32 and 64 bit versions.

Feel free to ask if you had some issue trying to install it.

Is burning dvd, CD, placing files on the drive included?

Hello @BarefootMartina, I’m a full time (well almost :slight_smile: ) 32bit user, haikuporter, I think I can confirm that LO and a lot of other apps are running fine there :slight_smile:

Good day,
While I have a long list, I would be happy just getting audio out from my display speakers, using the DisplayPort connector.


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In the meantime you can use hblock to block ads. It works with every browser.

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I want the VirtualBox Guest Addition to be able to use my screen’s native resolution with Haiku on my VirtualBox.

Check the part for the VBox installation guide (search for vboxmanage there): https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/virtualizing/virtualbox/#part_customVESA

I stand corrected. I had read somewhere that LO was available in 64-bit only and coudln’t check since HaikuDepot was already deactivated for Beta1. There is a 32-bit version! I just installed it on Beta2.

GPU ;-; is good to think it is not only for videogames, maybe a good niche will be the artificial intelligence developers, at least to practices, n.n we will grow.

I’d be very keen on trying and possibly helping out there.
Imagine a native client using BFS attributes etc.
Is WebDAV actually supported in Haiku?

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No, I don’t think so…

Would love to see a Nextcloud client, and native WebDAV, CardDAV and CalDAV support.

Would be great enhancements for beta 3!


Yes, accelerated graphics. At least, if Haiku could have the VirtualBox video driver working it’s enough for my current need. But if Haiku got accelerated graphics on real hardware, firstly, integrated graphics like what of Intel, it’s awesome. Dedicated GPU is another story, though. It’s much harder to do than the integrated ones.

But i think is better if they start with AMD, i am using haiku on a Nvidia optimus+ intel, but i will love if they start with amd gpus…

i hope redshift or similiar thing will come to haiku… because using computer in the night can disturb my sleeping habit


While 3D acceleration is understandably too big of a task for Beta3, what about 2D acceleration? Shapes, hardware accelerated cursor, bit blits, etc. If those were accelerated that would certainly make Haiku GUI much smoother, and make it more useable in really high-res monitors.