What improvements do you want to see for Beta3?

Alrighty; since we already have Beta2 waiting around the corner, I think it would be a good idea to see what does the community would like to see for Beta3.

I tried to curate a basic list of items for possible enhancements.
For a realistic outcome, PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SELECTION TO 3 ENTRIES! This poll is for Beta3 only!

Edit: By common opinion, 3D acceleration will be disregarded, since it is too much work for the next beta.

  • Accessibility improvements (Dark mode, screen reader, improved keyboard navigation etc.)
  • Userland applications (Utilities, media applications)
  • Tracker/Deskbar improvements
  • Webkit improvements (plus networking)
  • Network improvements (Bluetooth, VPN, etc.)
  • Improved text rendering support (Emoji, complex alphabets, more fonts)
  • Power management improvements
  • Improved POSIX compatibility
  • MediaKit improvements
  • Improved file system support
  • Package management system improvements
  • General API improvements
  • 3D hardware accelearation
  • No specific area, just improve hardware compatibility

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If you have a specific wish/ticket that you would like to vote on, please visit this Trac link, and upvote your favourite enhancement ticket! Please comment below as well.

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With regards to VPNs, how realistic would it be to get WireGuard support? It seems to be the new VPN protocol folks are raving on about lately.


Hardware 3d accelearation should not be there!
This should be for Haiku R2 or later. Otherwise we will not see Haiku R1 soon!

  • I’d like to see an api improvement about spellcheck correction in native input fields for example in Vision or here in webpositive etc.
  • VPN and bluetooth (Actually I’m having problems pairing bluetooth logitech keyboard) (I’ll file a ticket soon) VPN is a must I can’t wait to see nextcloud in haiku
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You’re right, I shouldn’t have added that. Let’s just disregard that for the moment, but still, this shows that it is a very requested feature.

I still have to upstream my owncloud client port, the nextcloud one is not yet working though (requires QtWebEngine).


I think that #15585 and #15569 should be fixed before Beta 3. #15585 is very annoying, it cause many applications to freeze when many files are written like during archive extraction or compiling. This is very old bug, it is present before Alpha 1, probably at beginning of Haiku.


Just to tell my reasoning. I really like to to use Haiku as a desktop OS, the best I have used so far. My expectations are not great, I just want to be able to do everything on the same computer without. The browser nowadays (+ networking) is a must to check for information. For the rest…well, I can be patient.

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What about drag and drop?
I would like to see it used more often between two programs.
Like a font-viewer and a Office Suite.


As i see x64 is R2 and x86 R1… Beos never was a 64bit os.

The biggest hurdle that’s preventing me from using haiku more regularly is the lack of mult-monitor support, and it is missing from your list.
I would love to have multi-monitor support, way before hw acceleration for example.


Support for more printers.
Haiku has its own print server so we don’t need Cups but would it be possible to make a kind of wrapper?
Would it be possible to try to port things like HPLIP then?

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Your list excludes a few important things (to me) - unless webkit improvements means web+ improvements…

1 Web+ improvements.
2 Music via USB
3 Multi-monitor support

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I hope Haiku will support RAR compressed file viewing,better virtual machine support,better port to run Windows apps(Because there’s too many Windows apps),and more features for home uses…Sorry to my bad English,I hope Haiku will develop faster.

Beezer (avalible in HaikuDepot) can do this.

Expander should handle it just fine provided you install the unrar package (it delegates to the command line tool).

Installing unrar may be not obvious for regular users.

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Well Expander could probably hint the user on missing commands… patches welcome. :slight_smile:

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There you go, I created the ticket for you :smiley:

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Maybe unrar should be included in the default build since it provides such useful functionality, is very small and has no requirements. It’s a no-brainer for me.